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Questionnaire Results


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Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results By Jodie O’Neill
  2. 2. What Age Group Do You Fall Under? 14The table 12shows that16-19 year 10olds were 8the majorityage group 6who tookpart in the 4thriller 2questionnaire. So my 0target What Age 10-12 years 13-15 years 16-19 years 20-25 years 26-30 years 31-40 years 41-50 years 51-60 years 61-70 years 71-80 years 81-90 years 91+audience is Group Do Youthe 16-19 Fall Under?year oldscategory.
  3. 3. What Gender Are You? What Gender Are You? Male Female The pie chart shows the females were the majority sex who took part in the questionnaire. However, I will target both sex’s with my final task, as it is a close result and in order to make my opening as successful as possible, it must be relevant to both groups.
  4. 4. How Often Do You Watch Thriller Films?The results showthat often and oncea month is the Neverhighest response.This shows that Rarelythriller’s are popularbut not to be All The Timewatched all thetime. Often Once A Month How Often Do You Watch Thriller Films? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
  5. 5. What Time Period Do You Prefer A Thriller Film To Be Set In? Modern day was12 chosen as the more desirable time10 period to set a thriller film in. I will 8 use this result in my final task. 6 4 2 0 What Time Period Do You Victorian Era Prefer A Thriller Modern Day Film To Be Set In? Future Dont Mind
  6. 6. What You Like To See The Titles Before The Action Starts Or After?1210 Would You Like To See The Titles Before The Action Starts Or After? 8 6 Yes, Before It Starts 4 The results show the result “Yes, Before It 2 Starts” it the most No, After It Starts popular result. However, i may include 0 the opening titles while 1 2 3 4 5 6 the action is on the screen.
  7. 7. What Location Would You Prefer To Be Included Within A Thriller Film?98 The Location of7 the “Home” was the6 most5 popular result. I will4 use the3 home location to2 set the1 majority of my thriller.0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  8. 8. • 19/10/2012 13:42View Stalker Responses• Victim, murderer? 14/11/2012 17:56View Responses• 19/10/2012 13:38View un-stereotypical ones Responses 22/10/2012 22:12View Responses• bruce willis• 19/10/2012 13:02View not sure Responses 20/10/2012 20:45View Responses• families, animals and criminals gangsters• 19/10/2012 12:50View 20/10/2012 17:25View Responses Responses• Lead protagonist, few young i like to see characters that do things unexpectedly and do smart characters things• 19/10/2012 12:37View 20/10/2012 11:46View Responses Responses• Children, Adults every day people20/10/2012 0:55View ResponsesJessica alba19/10/2012 23:21View ResponsesTeenagers I copied my results from survey monkey. The question19/10/2012 17:13View Responses was “What Character Would You Like To See Within AStrong male protagonist A Thriller Film? I will try to include a variety of these19/10/2012 16:12View Responses ideas.ghosts19/10/2012 15:38View ResponsesA teenage girl and an older evil character.19/10/2012 14:56View ResponsesThe good, the bad, person that dies, group of friends? Ghosts?
  9. 9. What Do You Think Is The MostInteresting Sub-Genre Within A Thriller Film? I will use the sub-genre which is action thriller, as it was voted the most popular among my feedback group.
  10. 10. What Type Of Music Would You Like To HearWithin A Thriller Film?
  11. 11. What Type Of Music Would You Like To Hear Within A Thriller Film?
  12. 12. What Type Of Music Would You Like To Hear Within A Thriller Film? The majority said that they would like to hear tense music within the final task.
  13. 13. What Is Your Favourite Thriller Film?• Psycho x2• Vacancy• Hide and Seek• Scarface x2• Menace To Society• Taken x3 The most popular Thriller Film was Taken. I will try to use some aspects• The omen of the film into my own final task.• Woman In Black• Love Actually• Jurassic Park• Jaws• N/A X3