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Photographs of Possible Locations


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Photographs of Possible Locations

  1. 1. Photographs Of Possible Locations By Jodie O’Neill
  2. 2. I thought the fireplace could addan aspect of historic setting to thethriller clip. It could also symbolisedanger, due to the fire within thefireplace.
  3. 3. The old-fashionedbed frame adds atone of fear. Theovercrowded roomalso creates asense ofclaustrophobia.As well as the old-fashioned bedframe, the make-up table couldbe used within a scene, forexample a woman could begetting ready for an event, whengradually, a villain creeps upbehind her.
  4. 4. These dolls are very intimidating due to their dark appearance,which could be used by a child within the thriller film to symbolisecurses and torture.
  5. 5. The open drive way is acommon conventionoften present withinthriller films. Thislocation could be usedsuccessful during dusk,as the actors are visiblebut the weather createsa pathetic fallacy effect.
  6. 6. This garden looks veryordinary but thiscontrast betweenordinary life and asupernatural/thrillingtwist could bring thislocation to life. It bringsa sense of realism tothe clip.
  7. 7. The alley-way isanother locationwhich makes boththe actor and theviewer feelclaustrophobic. Itcreates the fearthat one cannotescape.
  8. 8. The wooden poles could be used to attach symbolicobjects related to the thriller clip, such as crucifix’sand various religious imagery.
  9. 9. Nature is also avery effective wayof bringing thethriller genre to life,as it cannot becontrolled. Theunusual lookingtree createsquestions and setsa chilling tone tothe scene.
  10. 10. The open sitting roomcreates a large space,which could be used inorder for the actor tolocate from room toroom. This shot may bepresent to show the useof continuity.
  11. 11. The narrow star casecreates imagery ofdifferent levels withinthe clip. It is also anormal, every-dayobject, which helps tobring the clip to life. Itwill also help the actorsto travel around thehome.
  12. 12. This bedroom window has the direct view of thegarden, shown earlier on in this PowerPoint. It is apossibility, that one character could be overlooking thegarden, to create a fearful atmosphere.
  13. 13. This photograph is of the loft. This locationcould be used to hide away people/objects andto help portray a mysterious twist within the clip.
  14. 14. This image shows thewindow presenting theoutside view of thegarden. The contrastbetween the dark andlight could create asplit in moods.