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  1. 1. Shamim Nambassa Jodie Mallet Coralie Montille
  2. 2. » Media Convergence is a combination of all types of new and old media, so users can watch TV on the internet. There are more ‘screens’ available in this period of time, which gives consumers various possibilities and choices to allow them to personalise how to they take in their media diets.
  3. 3. » Henry Jenkins feels that media convergence is an on going process according to various media technologies and audiences. These are the 5 processes: » Technological Convergence » Economic Convergence » Social or Organic Convergence » Cultural Convergence » Global Convergence
  4. 4. » Technical convergence is the trend of technologies that merge together into new technologies; it expands the potential relationships between the media forms. » E.G. Xbox game consoles can be used for music and video playback, connecting to the internet, as well as playing games.
  5. 5. » The rise of entertainment industries taking over mass media, such as Sony, which integrates different sectors of the media, such as phones, laptops, music equipment and game consoles. »
  6. 6. » Consumers’ multitasking approaches for navigating the new information environment. An example of this would be a user listening to music on their mobiles phones or using Word to compose a letter.
  7. 7. » This type of convergence allows users to explore new forms of creativity and participate with each mediums. It encourages storytelling across multiple channels. Cultural convergence describes the new ways that media audiences are engaging with and making sense of these new forms of media content.
  8. 8. » The global circulation of media content which is leading us towards a digital renaissance (a period of transition and transformation that will affect all aspects of our lives). This is because consumers are now becoming producers and gatekeepers.