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Narrative presentation


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Narrative presentation

  1. 1. Assignment 6: simple filmnarrative structure analysis
  2. 2. Orphan Summary of film Kate and John Coleman are rebuilding their troubled marriage. Kate has a drinking problem, but is in therapy and is doing well. She has been sober for one year. The couple decides to adopt a child They decide to adopt a nine-year-old Russian girl, Esther. They immediately fall in love with her. Kate begins to feel that Esther is manipulative and possibly even psychologically disturbed Kate delves further into Esthers past and discovers she is not at all who she pretends to be Esther is in fact an old women with a syndrome that makes her appear look like a child She tries to seduce the father, and fails. The mother then drowns her in a lake.
  3. 3. A)Has the institution created a text with a conventional narrative structure? Beginning Yes this film has a linear structure as the film begins quite cheerful. A married couple want to adopt a child. Middle During the middle of the film there is a problem, as they find out the young girl they adopted is not who she said she was. End The end this is then resolved as the mother kills the adopted child and therefore leaves the audience feeling satisfied  Most films consist of this type of structure and therefore this film has a conventional narrative structure  This Film narrative is explicit as it is clear and easy to follow. Most people are used to and fond of this type of narrative.
  4. 4. Beginning act1 The Film begins cheerful…Kate and john are Esther catches the Kate and John Esther is placedon their way to couples attention. adopt Esther and into a new school,the She seems very show her around and is introducedorphanage, where friendly and is her new home. to her class mates.they wish to amazing at art.adopt.
  5. 5. Middle Act2Then problems start to occur….Esther Starts acting Esther encourages Esther sets a tree Esther aggressivelybizarre, and stares her adopted sister, house on fire pushes a little girlintensely at her Maxine to help her purposely, when from the top of theadopted sister kill a the lady who her adopted slide.while she is works in the brother, Daniel wassleeping orphanage. inside.
  6. 6. End Act 3 Finally the problem is resolved.Esther reveals Esther attempts to Adopted mother Esther drowns inwho she really is, seductively seduce kicks Esther into the freezing lake.a mature woman her adopted the lake andinside the body father breaks her neck.of a young girl.
  7. 7. Why have the film makers done this?1) To ensure the film reaches targetaudience2) The film will definitely make moneyas the audience will want to see it3) Certain that it will entertain andsatisfy the audience
  8. 8. What impact does this have on the audience? Positive Negative The audience are familiar with the Becomes to predictable conventional structure The will enjoy the conventions as this is Can get quite boring, as the film fails to what they are used to surprise It is certain that the audience will be Discourages social interaction entertained Audience are satisfied with the Hinders creative opinions outcome of film
  9. 9. What audience expectations have they established or challenged by using thisstructure ? They have established the conventional idea of a the story line having a: • pleasant beginning • A Dilemma in the middle • A resolution at the end This is the audiences general expectation of how the structure of a film should be like .This structure is very typical of Similarities to orphan:the horror genre and conformsto audiences expectationsbecause:Everything is fine in the beginning I.e. couple Everything is fine, couple are looking toare just married. adopt.In the middle, everything starts to fall apart Esther has obsession with her adoptedi.e. Evil man has obsession with woman, and father, when this fails she tries to harm thetries to harm them both family.At the end there is a battle between good There is fight between Esther and herand evil and good usually wins. adopted mother. The mother wins and good beats evil.Therefore the film ‘Orphan’ has established the audiences expectations of the horror genre