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Assignment 6 tv channal analysis


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Assignment 6 tv channal analysis

  1. 1. J O D I E F O S T E R - P I L I A Assignment 6 : TV channel research
  2. 2. The channels I will research Channel 4 Channel 5
  3. 3. Channel 4 Information about channel 4 Channel 4 is available on all digital platforms (terrestrial, satellite and cable) as well as through analogue transmission Channel 4 does not produce its own programmes but commissions them from more than 300 independent production companies across the UK the Channel Four Group operates a variety of pay channels, including the E4 entertainment channel, E4+1, and three film channels More than three-quarters of the UK’s population watch Channel 4 services in the course of an average week. Channel 4 was launched on 2nd November 1982
  4. 4. More channel 4 information Through its film arm Film4 Channel 4 is also a key supporter of British film making talent. Channel 4 are a major investor in the UK's creative economy, working with around 300 creative companies from across the UK every year Diversity goes to the heart of Channel 4's public service remit which requires it to produce content which appeals to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society Channel 4 prides itself on the wide range of people it employs. The channel 4 portfolio includes E4, More4, Film4 and 4Music.
  5. 5. Channel 4 sister channels 4 Seven Film4 E4 More 4 4 Music Heat Kerrang Kiss Magic Smash hits Channel 4 +1
  6. 6. Channel 4 Programmes  Channel 4 shows a variety of programmes, to do with comedy, soaps, news and politics Below are examples of each Deal or no deal Five minuets to a fortune Countdown The Simpsons Everybody loves Raymond The Cleveland show Channel 4 news Japans tsunami Undercover at the news of the world Motor sport Wheelchair rugby Paralympics Comedy News Game shows Sports
  7. 7. Most successful programmes on channel 4 1) Big brother 2) Celebrity Big brother 3) Big fat gypsy weddings
  8. 8. Target Audience Primary audience Gender Male & Female Explanation I think that both genders are the target audience , as channel 4 make programmes suited for both genders i.e. Freaky sleepers Could be aimed at both Age 18 – 35 Explanation Hobbies/int- erest -Watching tv -Sociable and interactive Secondary audience Gender Male & Female Age 36-80 Explanation Not as many programmes are suited for the older audience, but there are still documentaries that may interest them Hobbies/int- erest -Working - Sports I feel that the programmes on channel 4 are aimed at a younger audience, as many of the a lot of programmes are based on reality TV which, younger people are interested in
  9. 9. Channel 4 Documentaries Health documentaries Historical documentaries sex documentaries Scientific documentaries 24 hours in A & E Richard III The king in the car park The queens mother in law Edward VIII: The plot to topple a king Ice man murder mystery Sex in the naughties Sex, lies & rinsing guys Sex on wheels Supersize vs. super skinny Alien investigations Freaky sleepers
  10. 10. Channel 5 Information about channel 5 Channel 5 was Launched in 1997, it was the fifth and final national terrestrial analogue network to launch. The station was branded as Five between 2002 and 2011 Channel 5 HD is a high-definition simulcast of Channel 5 Channel 5 +1 launched on Freesat Freeview and Sky on 6 December 2011 In 2002, Channel 5 took the decision to drop the word 'Channel' from its name and refer to the channel as 'five'
  11. 11. Channel 5 sister channels 5* 5 USA
  12. 12. Channel 5 Programmes Children's Programmes Mystery Programmes Celebrity Programmes Bananas in pyjamas Chloe's closet Castle farm Mystery woman The mystery of Natalie wood Crime scene investigation Animal Programmes Worlds biggest pets Zoo days Animal maternity Celebrity big brother Celebrity super spa Jedwards, weird wild world
  13. 13. Target Audience Primary audience Gender Male & Female Explanation I think that both genders are the target audience , as channel 5 make programmes suited for both genders Age 2– 30 Explanation Hobbies/int- erest -Watching tv -Sociable and interactive Secondary audience Gender Male & Female Age 31-90 Hobbies/int- erest -Working - Sports Children are very much targeted as an audience, due to the fact that many of their programmes are kids programmes such as bananas in pyjamas
  14. 14. Most successful programmes on channel 5 2) Crime scene investigation 3) Men in Black 1) Celebrity big brother
  15. 15. Channel 5 Documentaries Personal documentaries - Jodie Marsh Bullied I survived a fatal flight Challenge documentaries - Worlds strongest man Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge Earth documentaries - Aliens. Are we alone? Iceland: Ashcloud Apocalypse
  16. 16. How channel 4 & channel 5 differ  Channel 5 has programmes more suited for a younger audience, whereas channel 4 is more suited for an adult audience.  Channel 4 shows a wider range of Documentaries  Channel 4 owns more channels (sister channels)