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Assignment 5: Partner presentation 2nd draft


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Assignment 5: Partner presentation 2nd draft

  1. 1. By Jodie & JhaneAssignment 5:Film study & Conventions Target audience=Green Jodie = Red Jhane = Blue Together = black
  2. 2. Target=Green• Things which we have to consist of:• Title page• Level checklist• Exploration of films• Film of choice and reasoning• Genre• Subgenre• Hybrid• Stam’s theory• Mittel’s theory• Fuerer’s theory• Semantics(characters, locations, story traits, costumes, props, rituals)• Syntax• Iconography• Conventions of list of genre in relation to all films(at least 8 conventions)• Conventions analysis (at least 4) with examples from film + comparision to other similar films + use/develop or challenge?• Dominant ideology (at least 3-4)• Audience (a + b ) + explanation + c• Audience theory (all four reasons)
  3. 3. Exploration of films
  4. 4. Film of choice : Half nelson• We chose the film ‘Half Nelson’ as It interested us, that Nelson had such a close bond with one of his students. It made us question why he always felt the need to care and protect her• We were engaged in the film as it lead us to think that the teacher and student would have an illegal relationship but they in fact didnt , the film was good in the fact it wasn’t predictable.• It is a good representation of ‘Drama’ genre as it shows issues that we face in society today. It uses many drama conventions and interested us as it educates to some extent and also allows them to learn about positive role models.
  5. 5. Genre• The main genre that this film falls under is drama because the film is based on nelson’s unpleasant drug habit, the way in which the film is concerned with Nelsons everyday dilemmas is very typical of a drama film.• Dramas are usually based on some sort of issue or personal problem regarding the main the main character, and how they try to overcome it or deal with the situation this is explored throughout the film.
  6. 6. SubgenresDrama is not the only Genre within this film, there are also a variety of subgenres such asAddiction Drama(i.e. the teacher has a drug addiction)School Drama(i.e a lot of the film is based in a school environment)romance( i.e. the girl that he had sexual relations with.) domestic drama( because the film focuses on the everyday issues of someones life)Fiction- The historical content which is included in the film are with the students who learn aboutthe American history and other historical events which have occurred previously and are said andshown to the audience.Crime- The criminal activities which occur on the streets and in the local area which can consist ofdrug dealing and crime related activities such as gangs at the end of the street which can beperceived negatively and indicate that their suspiciously involved in un-scene activities.Romance-the relationships which the teacher (main character) which occur with main womenthroughout the film including interests in a an ex-girlfriend and also a former student. Romance Fiction Crime
  7. 7. Many types of sub-genres within the film ‘Half-Nelson’ was displayed due to theoccurrence of scenery. This consist of: Hybrids (School)School /addiction/dramaAddiction/issue/dramaconflict/ addiction /drama (Conflict)Friendship/addiction/dramaDomestic/romance/dramaCrime DramaHistorical Drama (crime) (Friendship)
  8. 8. Stam’s Theory• Stam’s theory says that genre is not so easily defined under the ‘main genres’ but can be classified in other ways such as budget, ethnicity focus or performer based.• Another way to classify ‘half nelson’, in my opinion is, ‘Friendship’ because this film is strongly based on friendships and close bonds that are formed throughout the film.• Another way to classify our film which is not in relation to a main genre can be social class and status or region.• For example the teacher and the student, or the student and her brothers friend.
  9. 9. Mittel’s theory • Mittels theory is that genre is used to sell products. Point Example This can be related to half nelson because the People are familiar with addiction being atrailer demonstrates that the film is a drama conventional theme of drama which thenfilm, as it reveals that the it is based on a drug makes them eager to watch it. Thereforeaddiction. It also shows a man having quite a the fact that the film is a drama incisesstrong relationship with a young girl audiences.This can also be related to ‘Half-Nelson’ as the This can show awareness of their history but film was based in America and therefore also shows impact of todays society, This then there was American historical content encourages audiences. behind it (when the students name events occurred)This can show awareness of their history but also shows impact of todays society..
  10. 10. Fuerer’s theory Fuerer’s theory is based on the idea that genre is abstract, meaning that it is not easily defined because everyone has different ideas, ideals, cultures and therefore interpret conventions differently. What is familiar to one, may differ to someone else. Point Example1) This theory can be related to the film Person A will see this film as a drama due tochosen as ‘drama’ can be defined due to the the emphasis of racial prejudice displayed.use of different life experiences, cultural Person B can classified this film as a drama duedifferences, racial conflict/prejudice etc. and is to the cultural differences.all down to audiences perceptions. 2) This theory can also be related to half Someone may classify it as a drama due to nelson as some people may classify this film the real life situations explored , but others as just a ‘drama’ but others may see it as may classify it as a Drama romance due to something else. many intimate scenes.
  11. 11. Semantics How these are evident in Evidence from film/ how your film(in relation to does it relate using its examples? genre/subgenre/hybrid) (overall genre- Drama)Characters •Somebody who has an addiction Nelson has a drug habit. issue(Teacher, student(s), drug dealer, absent parents)Locations •Unorganised and untidy houses Nelsons drug habit is taking over him, his •School, local area, Teachers cleanliness gets the better of him, house home is messy.Story traits •Keeping the addiction a secret •He tells his student, not to tell anyone. •Something happened in past to •Broke up with ex girlfriend that he cause addiction loved.costumes •Casual jeans, smart shirts •Nelson is a teacher who wheres shirts, (anything that compliments role which is what teachers are expected to of character) where. •Glasses •Nelson wheres glasses to hide his tired •absent parent= work clothes eyesProps Cigarette, drugs, lollipop and Nelson is repeatedly smoking and using bookwork drugsRituals •Drug use •Nelson is always sneaking around to •Balancing addiction with take drugs. everyday life •Tries to balance drug habit with being a teacher.
  12. 12. Syntax of film• The syntax of this film is that when we are involved in situations that may be difficult and life threatening, we must share our problems with others in order that they are resolved rather than getting worse.• Make the correct decision when it comes to drugs, as it can take over your life, and be very hard to break free from
  13. 13. Tone • In the scene where nelson is going for a night jog, the surroundings are tinted, with a dark shade of blue. • The lighting is purely reflected from the sky, there is very little use of artificial lights. The pure blue surrounding connotes a feel of relaxation, due to the fact that blue is the colour of the ocean and sky. • Blue also brings about a sense of peace and freedom, this could reflect nelsons mood, and the fact the jogging is the only way he can truly release from the stress and tension caused from his addition. Tinted Dark blue skyBlue represents Calming,freedom (pure)
  14. 14. Tone• The lighting sets a dull and romantic tone towards the mood and era in the school disco. With soft lighting which is set creates an uneasy due to the colour blue (which a common use of colour like soft pink) as it is inappropriate between teacher and student. The focus on the teacher and• In this studentCase blue creates unease close up(only in this case)
  15. 15. Conventions of a dramaConventions of Examples from film Use/develop/challenge/genre/sub/hybrid whyExplores real life situations Fish tank Use, due to the fact that half nelson is based on a drug addiction, which many people are faced withShows the journey of a Slum dog millionaire Challenge, ‘half nelson’ doesn’t reallycharacter focus on the journey of a character and how hes grown, but more about his everyday battlesSome sort of conflict Kidulthood Use as there is conflict with the teacher and a black man, regarding the child.Happy ending Pursuit of happiness Use, as half nelson ends with the teacher and student being very content and making jokesAudience can relate to My sisters keeper Use, as many individuals can relate tocharacter the drug issues within the film.Violent scenes Crash Challenge, as ‘half nelson’ doesnt explore a wide range of violenceAddiction 28 days Nelsons drug habit
  16. 16. More conventionsConventions of genre/sub/hybrid Examples from film Use/develop/challengeRacial prejudice Freedom writers Challenge, ‘half nelson’ does not involve racial prejudice, this is shown as the white teacher, and black student get on very well, which wouldn’t have been the case many years ago.Abuse/men controlling women Stories of Tina turner Use because in the film ‘half nelson’ there is a scene whereby he unwillingly forces a lady into sexRomance/sex scenes Dirty dancing Use, as there are sexual relations between Nelson and a womanDivorce A separation Challenge as Half nelson is not based on a divorce, it is focussed on addiction
  17. 17. Conventions analysisConventions of Examples from your Comparison to Use, develop ofgenre/sub- film (bullet points other films in the challenge?genre/hybrid and screen grabs) same genre/ sub- How/why? genre/hybrid?Drama-conflict - When both men Crash- the battle The film develops after the disco between pride it because there is was wanting to and regulations a divide of races drop Drey home. (the police man which cause - When both men feeling the black conflict, however (drug-dealer and mans wife) the film develops teacher want to it because they spend time with learn to get Drey after she along/ put up lost her key and with each other got locked out. for Dreys sake.
  18. 18. Conventions analysisConventions Examples from your film Comparison to Use, develop ofof genre/sub- (bullet points and screen other films in challenge?genre/hybrid grabs) the same How/why? genre/ sub- genre/hybrid?Racial -Constant conflict between -Freedom It uses racialPrejudice both teacher and drug Writers prejudice but then dealer/ family friend in order between develops it towards to help student (which is teacher and the end as they expected in a drama film). students don’t constantly battle.
  19. 19. Conventions analysisConventions of Examples from your Comparison to other Use, develop ofgenre/sub- film (bullet points and films in the same challenge?genre/hybrid screen grabs) genre/ sub- How/why? genre/hybrid?Historical issues - The blacks have Freedom writers-again Uses- to cause conflict issues with the there were issues and to some what whites within the between the Latinos, make the audience community for English, blacks etc. relate or highlight that whatever reason because of previous there are pain within (which had events. these areas for happened outside whatever reason the film) which has occurred in the past.
  20. 20. Conventions analysisConventions of Examples from your Comparison to other Use, develop ofgenre/sub- film (bullet points films in the same challenge?genre/hybrid and screen grabs) genre/ sub- How/why? genre/hybrid?Drama-Stereotypes -Blacks are drug Freedom writers- Develop-as their was dealers Blacks were loud and the teacher who is -White people are gang members higher empowerment teachers or of higher was taking drugs just status like the gang members.
  21. 21. Dominant IdeologyDOMINANT IDEOLOGY EXAMPLE/EVIDENCE FROM WHY THIS DOMINANT FILM IDEOLOGY IS PRESENT IN THIS FILM/GENRE.• That black people are • The little girls brother is • To reinforce troublesome and in prison stereotypical views of involved in crime black people.• Constant Drug trading • Gangs hanging around • To highlight the idea from black people street corners that there is high crime rate in an undeveloped area• White people are • The majority of • It reinforces entitled to better job teachers were white, stereotypical views on positions even the head teacher. the system however, is developed by his abuse of drug usage• People who are drugs, • When he is at home • To aware and educate the are not in the right alone contemplating on audience to some extend of the lifestyles which can state of mind and his lifes turmoil come alone with drug use. alone.
  22. 22. Audience • In my opinion, this film is for a mass audience because it reflects and shows audiences in many different regions, life in undeveloped areas and occurring scenarios which could happen. Details of audience Target audience Secondary Audience Explanation of why they would be attracted (watch) the film. Age Teenagers Young adults Teenagers-they would see elements and wonder what inappropriate behaviour is occurring Young adult- again question what man would be a teacher(being a role model for children but does drugs) Gender Women Men Women-head teacher and child/student Men: lower teacher Ethnicity Black White Black-majority black area; white-main teacher Social Class Lower class Middle Class Lower-students/ drug dealer; Middle-teachers/parents Social group Gangsters Chavs etc. Gangsters run the area, following by others Sexual orientation Straight Lesbian, BI, Gay Mixed-teacher and student; Same- the teacher with women. Profession/role Teachers Students Teachers-main character Students- focus pointC) The trailer(which is a marketing tool) attracts the target audience because it highlights the conflict and elements of the film which seems heightenedby tension or even clips which make you question as to why. This draws the audience in and allows them to query and possible go on to watch.
  23. 23. Audience theory McQuailReasons why people watch the film ExplanationEntertainment Half nelson may be watched party for entertainment purposes. Certain scenes such as where he is dancing in the disco, are quite humorous and therefore entertaining.Information This film gives information. It shows reasons as to why people may become so addicted to drugs. In this case drugs makes the teacher happy, due to the fact that he cant do anything without having drugs first.Personal identity People who have suffered or are suffering from an addiction, and therefore seek personal identity with the character, as they have experienced certain real life situations that the character has.Integration & social interaction Social interaction may occur when people discuss the situations that are explored throughout the film, they may also inform others about the film.