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Analysing sound


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Analysing sound

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Analysing sound

  1. 1. sound analysis
  2. 2. Diegetic soundThis scene is diegetic as it is the sound of cheering andclapping coming from the crowd, the characters in the filmcan hear this, as well as us being able to see and hear it.
  3. 3. Non diegetic Volume controlIn this scene the volume control is turned down, thesound is soft and quiet, to emphasise the fact thatKatniss is so alarmed by the massive audience, that sheblanks out everything that the presenter is saying to her.This demonstrates to the audience exactly how she isfeeling.
  4. 4. Diegetic sound FoleyThe sound katnisses dress flying up and twisting, is anaturalistic sound effect created by Foley, wherebythey imitate this sound by using objects, or their voice.This emphasises the sound to the audience.
  5. 5. Diegetic sound Sound scapeThis sound recording helps to place the sound ofthe presenters voice, as coming from adistance, as he is standing quite far fromkatniss, this adds a sense of reality and actuality tothe scene.
  6. 6. Diegetic sound Ambient soundIn this scene, the crowd are making noise(laughing, clapping) but this is out of the field ofvision, as we can not actually see the audience butwe know that the sound is coming from theaudience, this appears real and is therefore part ofthe diegesis
  7. 7. Diegetic sound Sound bridgeThis is a sound bridge because as katniss is turning, youcan hear the presenter saying ‘Wow’ ‘Wow’ whichconnects and continues the sound like a bridge. This ispart of the diegesis, and gives a feel of genuineness.