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Digital media


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Published in: Design, Business
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Digital media

  1. 1. Some shadow and lost colour.
  2. 2. The design is nice andsimple and there isshadow and contrast inthe background.
  3. 3. Images can be manipulated onthe computer to createsomething that could nototherwise be made withoutdigital aid.
  4. 4. There are a lot ofcolour and throughshading it has 3Delements.
  5. 5. 3D rendering of an interiordesign allows designers tosee what a room will look likewithout wasting valuablematerials, and to run ideaspast a client.
  6. 6. Visuals like this are forcompanies to displaytheir newest product to acustomer, showing itsfeatures and making itlook appealing.
  7. 7. Vector drawings are madeof shapes rather thanlines, which is helpful forlogo design because itgives a cleaner end result.
  8. 8. A catalogue allowsbusinesses to show asmany of their products asthey can, lettingcustomers see what isoffered and giving theminformation such as theprice.
  9. 9. A short animation can bea useful tool for learninghow to animate, as wellas display things such asa logo in an imaginativeway.
  10. 10. Designs for a corporate identityis just as important as theprioduct. It tells customers whatthe company is like, brings in anew consumer base, and is whatgets your product seen onshelves.
  11. 11. Typography is art withwords, using letters tocreate an image anddesigning fonts to beused on posters.Typography allowswords to speak.
  12. 12. Photographic manipulationtakes a base image andenhances it. In some cases itis just colouring, in others it iscompletely changing thesubject in the photo.
  13. 13. Gemma Park – web design Jodie Aitken – typography .Agnieszka Naskret – web design. Samantha Marshall-Web Design