Google Earth: Not Just for Geography!


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Google Earth allows you to integrate technology easily into any content area. We will explore innovative ways to use Google Street View, Google Tour Builder and Google Lit Trips to engage and involve students by giving real world connections.

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  • Google Earth: Not Just for Geography!

    1. 1. Not just for Geography! How to Engage Students with the technology available to you Google Earth for Classroom Use Presenter: Jodie Johnston Blue Valley Education Services
    2. 2. How often is this the view from the front of the room? How can we help improve interaction?
    3. 3. What Does Google Earth Have to Offer? Google Earth is Free (PC or mobile app) Can be incorporated at every grade level & all content areas Can be used for creating interactive lessons by the teacher Can be used by the students to create presentations Google Earth files can be shared in a variety of ways for students to revisit and review
    4. 4. Start Where You Are Use What You Have Do What You Can -Arthur Ashe
    5. 5. A Great Place to Start Google Street View • Types of Houses for different landscapes Discover accommodations for environment • Visit Monuments • Visit coastal areas, desert or swamps during a habitat unit • Pre-visit a place before a class Field Trip • Visit the location that was in a book. Walk down a city street in Paris. Retrace a characters route. • Mount Everest is mapped to the top • Grand Canyon is mapped to the bottom Link to Google Street View Car “Behind the scenes.”
    6. 6. Basic Street View Steps 1. Sign in if you are wanting to add pins/placemarks for future use. 2. Search for location 3. Use + to zoom close enough to view streets 4. Drag orange man to any blue lined street and let go 5. Use the mouse to look 360 degrees. 6. Double click on the street to “drive” forward.
    7. 7. Studying Rural, Suburban & Urban Areas Click here for a sample field trip:  Suburban: CHE Elementary- Overland Park, KS  Rural: Ness City Elementary- Ness City, KS (Western KS)  Urban: PS290 Manhattan, NY Student Reactions -engaged, alert, inquisitive Teacher Reactions -better discussions -noticed students talked like they were there -surprised how easy learning street view was
    8. 8. Google Tour Builder Tour Builder     Personalize places and experiences Add photos, text, and video Student Presentations Share out to an audience Tour Builder in the Classroom Teacher Made Tour of Southwest Region Jane Goodall Institute Tour
    9. 9. Google Lit Trips Demos & School Stories Download Completed Trips Here  Search the trip gallery  Let Students explore & research  Alternative to test or book report
    10. 10. Tutorial Help Section Watch this short tour of what Google Earth is all about. Tutorials to learn the basics Creating place marks: Google Educators site Google Lit trips Google Earth Blog Tour Builder for Storytelling
    11. 11. Any time you talk about a location in a story or as part of your curriculum GO THERE! Students will be more engaged and remember more details about the place then if they only read about it.