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Organising Content for Impact at Search London 11 Nov 2014


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The content organisation framework I presented at Search London on 11 Nov 2014.

More details and a blog post will be published later on.

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Organising Content for Impact at Search London 11 Nov 2014

  1. 1. OrganiseContent for Business Impact By Jack Norell
  2. 2. Today you will get…
  3. 3. A model to organisecontent, measure its impact, and communicate results
  4. 4. Content: A definition for today
  5. 5. All words, videos, photos graphics, forms and links visible on your website
  6. 6. Also, any offsite article, video or graphic using your brand or products or that links to your website
  7. 7. First… content for a reason
  8. 8. 1 –Business objective 2 –Meet query intent 3 –Analyseresults
  9. 9. Second… the marketing funnel
  10. 10. A I D A S TTENTION NTEREST ESIRE CTION ATISFACTION Source: Arthur Fredrick Sheldon, The Art of Selling, 1911
  11. 11. A I D A S Awareness Informational Conversion How to
  12. 12. Awareness Informational Conversion How to Why? What? Which? How? A I D A S
  13. 13. Why? What? Which? How? 1 3 2 4
  14. 14. Why? What? Which? How? Inspiration Research Purchase Support 1 3 2 4
  15. 15. 1 Inspiration Brand placement & impressions “cars”, “holidays” Pageviews, social shares, links
  16. 16. Product types, benefits “car types”, “family holidays” Downloads, questions, return visits 2 Research
  17. 17. Product, price, features “londonvolvoprice”, “varsski holidays” Conversions, revenue, abandons 3 Purchase
  18. 18. Brand loyalty, WOM, efficiency “fill washer fluid”, “ski gear rental advice” Complaints, calls, downloads, feedback 4 Support
  19. 19. Recap
  20. 20. Inspiredyou to think about how to organisecontent to get business results
  21. 21. Showed you the Research for the organisationalmodel for understanding your needs
  22. 22. Took you to an action, or Purchase, point where you accepted or rejected this content model
  23. 23. Supportedyour content discussions with stakeholders by sharing metrics for performance vs objectives
  24. 24. Jack Norell @jacknorell Organic Performance Client and Product Development Lead