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gogonetlive 4 conference keynote on Internet of Things


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In this keynote session I talk about IP as a driver for internet of things and that Internet of things will drive the IPv6 usage forward. presentation held at

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gogonetlive 4 conference keynote on Internet of Things

  1. 1. Develops sustainable energy solutions with leading companies, entrepreneurs and scientists Keynote Gogonetlive 4 2013 “IoT needs IP and IPv6 will drive IoT” 2013-11-12 Joachim Lindborg 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 1
  2. 2. Internet of Things 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 2
  3. 3. 1951: “The house controlled through phone pads“. A phone switchboard act as the message board planning for a wireless connection for the garage door courtesy to Carl Olov Elmsjö 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 3
  4. 4. Swedish utility Vattenfall 1998 Lonworks THE Final solution © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  5. 5. The gateways to heaven • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Some google search home work to do IP gateway knx IP gateway modbus IP gateway metasys IP gateway i2c IP gateway profibus IP gateway mbus IP gateway can bus IP gateway Lonworks IP gateway ZigBee IP gateway z-wave IP gateway WirelessHART IP gateway RS485 IP gateway RS232 © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  6. 6. Some think differently 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 6
  7. 7. Device explosion “The vision of more than 50 billion connected devices by 2020 may seem ambitious today, but with the right approach, it is within reach” Ericsson whitepaper, February 2011 How many IP addresses do you have at home © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  8. 8. Connect it … to clouds 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 8
  9. 9. Free or Service Included © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  10. 10. Business silos in the home Service Tjänst APIx The smog on internet API1 APIn API Complexity Alarm 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 Power Heat 10
  11. 11. XMPP (chat) as middleware SMTP XMPP 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 • Proven messaging “for ever” • Adressing scheme “name@domain” • Any SMTP to any SMTP server • SPAM • The ISPmessagingclosest Proven was the over 10 server years • More and more SMTP traffic JID cloudbased “name@domain/resource” • Only federated server to server • Defined process for trust 11
  12. 12. Bridging Business models for smart energy services 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 12
  13. 13. Large sensor networks IPv6 • • • • • 2013-11-11 © Sustainable Innovation 2012 Industrial Home Last mile Agriculture Smart grid 13
  14. 14. IPv4 vs IPv6 © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  15. 15. IPv4 paved way for IoT IoT will demand IPv6 IPv6 will conquer the last gateways © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  16. 16. References to pictures • Courtesy for borrowing some products pictures from these sites. 2011/926363/fig7/ © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  17. 17. About Joachim Lindborg Currently CTO of, I'm a technology enthusiast that believe that IoT is really about human interaction with systems adding value to life and that closed systems will die in favor for open one. For the past 15 years I have been working with system integration, especially at the intersection of energy and IT. I was one of the founders of a start-up company integrating systems for supervision and maintenance of buildings. In the IT boom during the late 1990s I was employed by the swedish Utility Vattenfall to develop solutions for the smart home. It was an exciting time but it ended in disappointment. Now we are back again and with Internet of Things and a more stable technology I do Email: believe that this time we will succeed. Right now I am Linkedin: working with © Sustainable Innovation 2012 companies in home security, heating
  18. 18. About Sust Founded in 2008 by leading Swedish companies and the Swedish Energy Agency. Holds a unique position to realise sustainable energy solutions with leading companies, entrepreneurs and scientists thanks to its cross-sector/ private-public ownership structure. Key areas of activity are Intelligent Energy Usage, Intelligent Energy Storage, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, Transport/Logistics, Sustainable cities and Electric vehicles. Direct results are environmental gains, financial savings and efficient energy usage achieved through Demonstration projects, Opinion forming activities, Networking and cooperation and Innovation Clusters for entrepreneurs. © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  19. 19. Unique cross-sector structure LEADING COMPANIES: SCIENTISTS: ENTREPRENEURS: © Sustainable Innovation 2012
  20. 20. Intelligent energy services • VINNOVA – funded project – – – – – – – – – Project lead and research – SUST & SICS Heating system – Enertech, Viessman Ventilation system - Systemair Alarm system – Securitas, Securitas Direct Energy, services, utility - Vattenfall Real Estates – Riksbyggen Technology & Integration - Maingate Communications technology – H&D Wireless Energy service – ngenic (optimization of heating systems) © Sustainable Innovation 2012