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digital concrete breakfast meeting


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This presentation was given on a breakfast meeting at Sustainable innovation.

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digital concrete breakfast meeting

  1. 1. Digital Betong #energifrukost 20170309 @Sustify @cementaAB @joachimlindborg
  2. 2. Sustainable innovation branschöverskridande
  3. 3. Med våra medlemmar
  4. 4. IoT i fiering / digitalisering Förändringen i samhället mot en mer effektiv värld Snabb feedback Högupplöst data ger kunskap, okända mönster Disruptiv effektivisering
  5. 5. Elektrifiering
  6. 6. Elektrifiering
  7. 7. Digitalisering - deltagande
  8. 8. 817-03-12 1951: “The house controlled through phone pads“. A phone switchboard act as the message board planning for a wireless connection for the garage door courtesy to Carl Olov Elmsjö
  9. 9. Smart Homes managing energy, fine grained control
  10. 10. The problem: Hur kan alla saker samarbeta? API API API API API API API API Especially if they have a business model?
  11. 11. Växlande Effektreglering VäxEl, Klokel Collaborative smartgrid 12 000 kunder 500 villor 1MW Kunderna får komfort 6MW överlast 1h 15 januari
  12. 12. Storskaligt Småskaligt Stora produktionsanläggningar Infrastrukturer för värme, gas, el Slutna företag, fabriker för produktion Reglerade monopol Smarta Elmätare Mikronät med lagring Komplexa system Samverkansmodeller Skaffa egna data Transparens, öppen innovation En global konsumentmarknad
  13. 13. Tid Pengar Säkerhet Energi, annat
  14. 14. About Joachim Lindborg •Currently CTO of, Private firm I'm a technology enthusiast that believe that IoT is really about human interaction with systems adding value to life and that closed systems will die in favor for open one. •For the past 15 years I have been working with system integration, especially at the intersection of energy and IT. I was one of the founders of a start-up company integrating systems for supervision and maintenance of buildings. •In the IT boom during the late 1990s I was employed by the Swedish Utility Vattenfall to develop solutions for the smart home. It was an exciting time but it ended in disappointment. Now we are back again and with Internet of Things and a more stable technology I do believe that this time we will succeed. Right now I am working with companies in home security, heating and air conditioning, with energy companies and service developers in a project integrating all these technologies with sound business models for smart home services for energy control and efficiency. Email: Linkedin: Twitter: @joachimlindborg