Paying Attention


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Paying Attention

  1. 1. Paying Attention JORGE OCHOA CRASH ON CREATIVITY DATE: 10/30/12
  2. 2. This was an interesting exercise since I know Ineed to pay more attention. I visited five storesone supermarket, Starbucks, two women’sintimate clothing stores Victoria Secret andSoma, Brookstone and Apple. I noticed differentthings I have missed before some of them goodand some of them no so good.
  3. 3. The Good•The store smells good fruits and flowers•Customer service desk name was changedto Solution CenterThe Negative• Store did not draw me in•The store is not inviting is boring• Employees are impolite didn’t engageuntil the end in the cashier
  4. 4. Starbucks is always inviting:• The floors, the green color of thewalls, the low lighting• The smell of coffee, the music• I noticed a strong smell of the“Pumpkin Spice latte”great way tosell a seasonal product•People felt good inside some intheir computers, others in groupsdoing business, others justchilling.
  5. 5. Victoria secret:• Had a big open door,• You could see the letterslove Pink• The clothes are more foryounger clientele•The place had posters ofthe most beautiful models•Sales associates were shywhen I asked questions•Sales people in theirtwenties
  6. 6. Soma:•I noticed a small door• More discrete clientele•light white color walls•Clothes’ designs weremore directed to matureclientele• The sales peopleengaged with me instantly•The personnel were intheir forties
  7. 7. •Brookstone is a store ofelectronic gadgets , massagechairs, and other interestingproducts• focuses on display forcustomers to have real hands-on shopping experience, beingable to try out every productbefore making a decision.•The personnel were friendlyand engaged right away•Great place, to try and buyinteresting products.
  8. 8. Apple is one of my favoritestores• It is interesting,alwaysinviting•I noticed the displays of theiphone5 and the MacBook Pro• The place was nice and clean•Apple stores have I think moresales personnel per customerthan any other store.•They serve different clientelebusiness ,children, teens, etc.•The only thing I don’t like isthat sometimes is too crowded.
  9. 9. Thank you