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Ugly betty-presentation


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Ugly betty-presentation

  1. 1. Ugly BettyGary Rosas and Yamile Hernandez
  2. 2. First ImpressionsBettys Interview• Do you dress in a job interview depending on the job youre applying to?
  3. 3. The "Ugly" duckling• How is Betty different from other Latina lead roles in the movies we have seen? • Strong-willed, determined to have her american dream • Doesnt fit societys expectations of beauty
  4. 4. "Be More Realistic" • What do you think Hilda means by "people like us"?
  5. 5. "I dont Want to sell Herbalux"• How are Betty and Hilda characters different?• Is Hilda more Latinized? • Her temperment • Clothes • Views about Bettys dreams• What role does Hilda play in the family?• What about Bettys father?What Role does he play?
  6. 6. Class vs Ethnicity “She (Betty) is a Latina sometimes, but an ugly-duckling working class girl all the time”• Bettysdo with her fit in not only has to struggle to appearance but with her status as well• She is working among the high elite in fashion o e.g. How Betty was treated when she came in with her Pancho
  7. 7. Clash between two worlds• Betty constantlyepisode with throughout the struggles her career and family life o Hilda reminds her of the importance of family. o e.g. the fathers birthday scene• Is Betty the nurturer in her family?• Is this a realistic depiction??
  8. 8. Do you think the episode is a refreshing change? or doesthe episode still show stereotypes for Latinas?Does Bettys character break barriers?