Summit 2013 - Adv4: Why Metrics Matter


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Real-time analytics can provide an incredible advantage when it comes to sourcing and recruiting. Are you putting them to good use? In this informative session, you’ll learn how metrics can dramatically impact your recruiting decisions when properly applied. Discover how fellow Jobvite customers are using reports and analytics to change their recruiting strategies—from shaping their teams to influencing their techniques and resource usage.

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Summit 2013 - Adv4: Why Metrics Matter

  1. 1. #jobvite13Make Better Decisions:Why Metrics MatterRebecca MeissnerJobvite | Sr. Product Manager
  2. 2. #jobvite13Agenda• Build your Own Benchmarks• Measure your ROIHow can you track ROI?Jobvite Customer Case Study• Measure Team EfficiencyPipeline Reporting & Time to FillJobvite Customer Case Study• What are you measuring?• Jobvite Reporting & Analytics: What’snext?• Questions?
  3. 3. #jobvite13Define Benchmarks90% of our employees should be sharing a jobs once a month (at minimum).Run the ‘Jobvites by Employee’ report, or customize a similar report, to identify who is referringthe most and who still hasn’t yet accepted their invite. As this metric increases, so should your # ofreferrals in Interview stage, as should your number of hires by referral (also a report found inJobvite).To be a productive recruiting organization we should our ‘time to fill’ shouldaverage no more than 50 days.Build a custom jobs pipeline report detailing the the number of candidates in each workflowstep and the time it took to fill each requisition. Leverage the ‘average’ calculated field to see howthese numbers compare across your organization.50% of all interviews should be driven by employee referral.Leverage the candidate pipeline report to see who is where in the hire process and thengroup by Source/Source Type to identify just how many of your active candidates are coming throughyour employee referral program.
  4. 4. #jobvite13Measure Your ROIStudies show that referral hires are better quality and are hiredfaster than average hires. To measure your companies ROI,keep a handle on the following two metrics:1. ‘Time to Fill’Time to fill is improved by both increasing the overall efficiency of your recruitingteam by leverage Jobvite best practices and standardized businessprocess/workflow and by more employees submitting candidates for referral.1. # of referral hires madeReferrals only happen when your employees know what jobs you’re hiring for andshare them with their connections. Increasing this number means activelyencouraging employees to participate in the hiring process.HINT: Have your employees enable Jobvite Publisher for automatedpublishing of open and relevant requisitions to their social &professional networks.
  5. 5. #jobvite13Case Study: Jobvites -> HiresCustomer Background: Technology/Energy Vertical, hiringhighly specialized scientists and engineers.Before enabling Jobvite Publisher:0 - Referral HiresRecruiting Resources:Recruiting Team of 3, Agency Recruiting Team of 15, Marketing$$, Job Board Posting Fees of $5k+ a month
  6. 6. #jobvite13Case Study: Jobvites -> HiresAfter enabling Jobvite Publisher:All Jobvites were sent automatically and all applies were organic. Of the153 applies, 10 hires were made.Estimated cost savings: $850,000-$1M in agency fees
  7. 7. #jobvite13Measure Team EfficiencyWhere is your team loosing time? Where can yourprocess be streamlined?Tips & Tricks:• Build process around workflow (and follow it!).• Monitor the approval chain.• Report on user & candidate pipelines.• Eliminate un-needed categories, types, and steps so toimprove reporting and team measurement.• Don’t skip workflow steps!
  8. 8. #jobvite13Case Study: Source TypesCustomer Metric Measured:Most Effective SourcesCustomer started with close to 75 different sources, all tagged manually by therecruiters on their team.ACTION:Cleaned up sources (15) and monitored reporting for 45 days.DISCOVERY:Their most effective source of hires was an engineering blog written by one oftheir internal developers.Estimated Job Board Savings (per quarter): $12,000
  9. 9. #jobvite13What are you measuring?Let’s build on the fly.
  10. 10. #jobvite13Jobvite Reporting: What’s Next?Q3/Q4 2013• Topic Reporting:• Candidate, Requisition, User, Compliance, Contact• Faster reporting through Actuate• Dashboard Analytics• Evaluation Form Reporting• Customizable Standard Templates
  11. 11. #jobvite13Jobvite Reporting: What’s Next?
  12. 12. #jobvite13Questions?
  13. 13. #jobvite13Thank You!Rebecca MeissnerJobvite | Sr. Product Manager