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Jobvite Webinar: 5 Easy Ways for Recruiters to Engage Talent Pools


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Let’s face it, it’s easy to say you’re going to build talent pools filled with passive candidates—but it’s hard to actually do. And it’s even harder once you’ve built a talent pool in your area of need to figure out what to do next. You know how to recruit, but what do you say to a talent pool filled with passive candidates who aren’t ready or willing to buy into the positions you’re selling?

This webinar features:

- A simple definition of what a talent pool is, how you organize it in your ATS, and how to manage the concept of “opt-in” to the people you include in that talent pool. The definition of who gets included and “opt-in” is important, because you’re gong to broadcast a bit over time– which will feel different (in a good way) to candidates included in the talent pool.

- A checklist of information you already have access to in your company that those passive talent pool candidates would love to hear about. It’s a checklist! All you have to do is go find the info we list and you’re golden.

- Data on best practices in thinking like a marketer (do you use email, LinkedIn, snail mail, SMS, etc.) to engage your talent pool– without looking like a stalker.

- Grand Finale: we’ll deliver the top 5 ways to engage talent pools – and for each engagement method, we’ll list what the communication looks like, where to find the information and why doing it the way we recommend is the best practice.

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