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JobThread - The Targeted Ad Network for Jobs


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JobThread gives recruiters a highly efficient tool to reach qualified candidates, allowing them to target by behavior, skills, interests and geography, and pay only for the number of views they feel they need to attract an appropriate candidate pool. Unlike mass job boards that reach only active job-seekers, JobThread posts jobs aligned with content within its network of more than 50 Web sites, reaching passive candidates that are using the Web to pursue their professional interests.

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JobThread - The Targeted Ad Network for Jobs

  1. 1. The Pay-for-Performance Targeted Ad Network for Jobs
  2. 2. Hundreds of Companies use We feel your pain. JobThread JobThread is the choice of hundreds of the best-known companies for finding qualified candidates for open jobs. Budgets are tight. Hiring managers need the job filled…. yesterday. There’s too much resume spam! JobThread is the answer to these challenges. JobThread helps employers and recruiters reach highly qualified candidates – both active and passive job seekers – by delivering targeted job ads alongside appropriate content on its network of more than 50 Web sites. How does JobThread deliver? Candidate Profile: Recruiters select the candidate profile they wish to reach, based on skills, behavior, interests and location. JobThread’s technology displays the job posting to Web site visitors that match that profile criteria, alongside relevant content, on the network’s Web sites. $ Pay-for-Performance: Recruiters set a budget for each job ad. Qualified views cost only 49 cents each. When the job is filled, recruiters pay only for the number of qualified views that job ad received. For example, a recruiter will not pay for an India-based view of a job posted in New York. No Resume Spam: Because job postings are presented only to qualified candidates, recruiters receive resumes from candidates who meet their targeting criteria, saving them the time of sifting through thousands of unqualified resumes.
  3. 3. JobThread Delivers. Job Title: Core Java Engineer Function(s): IT/Technology Budget: $150 7 Budgeted views: 306 Number of days posting was live: 48 days Total views: 445 Qualified views: 306 Number of applicants: 19 Actual cost: $149.94 Job Title: Marketing/PR Specialist (Contract) Function(s): Marketing/Advertising/PR Specialty Channel: New Media/Digital Media ^ Budget: $100 Budgeted views: 204 Number of days posting was live: 3 Total views: 167 Qualified views: 158 Number of Applicants: 31 Actual cost: $77.42 Job Title: Junior Financial Analyst Function(s): Accounting/Finance, Administrative/Clerical Budget: $70.00 1 Budgeted views: 142 Number of days posting was live: 16 Total views: 296 Qualified Views: 142 Number of Applicants: 20 Actual cost: $69.58 Job Title: Sales Associate (Renewable Energy Sector) Function(s): Education, Sales & Specialty Channel: Green Budget: $250.00 Budgeted views: 510 Number of days posting was live: 19 Total views: 532 Qualified views: 510 Number of Applicants: 37 Actual cost: $249.90
  4. 4. Tap the Power of Our Network 50+ High Quality Targeted Web Sites 46 Million Monthly Impressions 9.8 Million Unique Visitors Start saving time and money today! Request a call from a JobThread representative: