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Rapidly growing Chicago start-up is looking for a rockstar editor to join our team.

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  1. 1.  640  N  LaSalle  Street  Suite  480  Chicago,  IL  60654    YouSwoops  rise  to  become  one  of  Chicago’s  top  daily  deal  sites  has  been  well  chronicled  by  major  local  and  regional  media,  tweeted  by  thousands  of  fans  and  gotten  bloggers  buzzing.  But  that’s  just  the  beginning:  We’re  a  passionate,  energetic  and  fun  group  committed  to  providing  awesome  experiences  in  Chicago  for  our  Swoopers.  To  that  end,  we  work  hard  every  day  to  partner  with  great  local  businesses  and  market  their  compelling  services  and  products  to  our  rapidly  growing  consumer  base.  We  take  pride  in  the  ambition,  creativity  and  spunk  of  our  employees,  who  create  the  innovative  environment  that’s  allowed  for  YouSwoop’s  continuous  growth.    Editor:  As  the  full-­‐time  editor,  you  would  help  grow  and  develop  our  editorial  department.  You  would  have  an  important  voice  in  content  decisions  and  an  opportunity  to  work  alongside  key  leaders  in  the  company.  Strong  management  and  decision-­‐making  skills  are  essential.    You  would  have  the  exciting  opportunity  to…   • Craft  creative,  informative  write-­‐ups  read  by  our  database  of  more  than  140,000  subscribers.   • Help  continually  refine  and  define  our  voice.   • Research  cool  local  businesses.     • Brainstorm  how  to  make  features  as  compelling  as  possible.   • Fact-­‐check  and  copy  edit  freelance  writers’  work  with  a  keen  eye  for  detail.   • Enter  material  into  our  content  management  system.   • Wear  a  number  of  editorial  hats  in  a  fun  start-­‐up  environment.    You  would  be  a  good  fit  if…   • You  have  a  degree  in  journalism  and  a  strong  interest  in  marketing.     • You’ve  interned  or  worked  at  publications  like  Time  Out  Chicago  and  Chicago  magazine.   • You  pick  up  the  voice  of  a  new  publication  quickly  and  easily.   • You  don’t  just  have  a  strong  command  of  AP  style:  You  could  practically  rewrite  the  current   edition  from  memory.   • You  have  eyes  sharper  than  an  eagle’s  when  it  comes  to  catching  grammatical  errors.   • You’ve  woken  up  in  the  middle  of  the  night  wondering  if  you  made  a  factual  error  on  a  story,   checked  it  and  gone  back  to  bed  happy  that  you  were  right  all  along.   • You’re  organized,  turn  in  assignments  ahead  of  time  and  thrive  under  deadline  pressure.   • Your  attention  to  detail  borders  OCD,  and  you’ve  mastered  the  art  of  multitasking.     • You  work  well  in  a  collaborative  environment  and  always  have  ideas  to  share.   • Not  required,  but  a  strong  bonus:  You  have  basic  HTML  skills  and  have  posted  material  online   using  a  content  management  system.     To  apply,  send  your  résumé,  cover  letter  and  two  writing  samples  to