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The Diary of a Water Drop


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This story was written by second graders in Montana.

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The Diary of a Water Drop

  1. 1. The Diary of a Water Drop Digital Edition by the 2B Students 2011-2012
  3. 3. Today I learned thatwater drops can’t die.My friend Bill got hitby an airplane and hesurvived. We cancondense, precipitate,accumulate, orevaporate, but we cannever die.By Silas
  4. 4. Today I was stuck upin a cloud. I wish Icould be a kid so Ican watch T.V. It wasboring watchingkids play on theplayground.By Gage
  5. 5. GlossaryWater Cycle Vocabulary
  6. 6. AccumulationAccumulation is whenwater comes together tomake rivers, lakes, andoceans.Picture by SethDefinition by J.D. and MissPaula
  7. 7. InfiltrationInfiltration is water thatsoaks into the ground.By Konnor
  8. 8. PrecipitationClouds holdlightening, snow, rain, hail,and rainbows.By J.D.
  9. 9. We hope you enjoyed our digitaledition of The Diary of a Water Drop. The printed paper edition is scheduled to be delivered June 5th.