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Left and Right Brain Dominance


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Dagupan City

Left and Right Brain Dominance

  1. 1. Left/RightBrainDominance
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  3. 3. 1. Put your hands clasped as in prayer.
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  5. 5. 2. Fold your arms in front of the chest
  6. 6. * Left thumb underthe right thumb,then you are leftbrain dominantuser.* Right thumb underthe left thumb, thenyou are right braindominant user
  7. 7. * Right arm aboveyour left arm, thenyou are left-brainuser* Left arm is aboveyour right arm, thenyou are right-brainuser
  8. 8. Right, LeftFull consideration, traditional, indirect typeInstinctively read the emotions of other people and friendly to everyone naturally.Though not too deep to take the initiative to move forward, but people with thistype will always support someone else.Is a stable personality and full consideration in doing something, give others a feelingof being protected by someone with this type.The downside is they can not say no to a case directly, although they do not wish todo so they will always be to care about other people. They will help others thoughhave no interest in it.In the world of design, this type (the full consideration) would really think about theconcept and make sure if it was ready. Because like something simple, usually whatthey produce is also simple and easily digested by others, the brand does not likeanything complicated. Remember! Sometimes design briefs from clients oftenprovide rules and assignment of the complicated and complex, but they do with asimple. This makes them tend to often talk with clients .
  9. 9. Right, RightLike the challenge and do not like pleasantries (straight type)When they have determined what they will do so as soon as possible. They also reallylike to try and also like things related to the challenge. Dare to face the dangers / riskswithout thinking (which sometimes do something silly).The downside is they do not hear the words or advice from others, they will think twiceor think about it if they really hope for what they want to hear it in a conversation andone thing (they will listen to you only if they think its interesting .) However, becausethey do not like small talk they tend to be someone who is popular.People who have this personality is considered very suitable in the field of design andart. As we know the right brain is dominantly used in the design field. Because they likethe challenge, they love to explore new things, new ways, think outside the box, whichmade him have a chance to find concepts or new design ideas.They are also very powerful imagination. Well, it should also be reminded sometimesthey are not skilled in doing something (read my article about the triangle of science, artand skills in the next post), so they are better suited to be a concept bank and creativeteam
  10. 10. Left, LeftDedicated high, cold, and perfectionistAlways rely on logic in every action and every aspect. To beat or topersuade them is with a reason and considerations. Having a lot of prideand feel great in doing something. If they are your friend, they are veryreliable. However, if they become your opponent, they are a formidableopponent. Because they can talk like a perfectionist, they often leave a badimpression which makes it very difficult to care on the first met.People with this type of personality is very difficult to adapt in the field ofdesign (does not mean they can not), there are various ways so that we canuse our right brain optimally. Nevertheless the results of the design theycreate usually takes a long time, research and observation they make asmuch as they want and often make their designs become a wow becauseof their high dedication.
  11. 11. Left, RightLike to care about other people, the type of leaderThey have good speaking ability and wit to adjust the situation and existingconditions, while still considering the needs of others. Because they are cooland calm or quiet, have a sense of high responsibility, they will tend to be theleader of a group. Became popular among the people around.However, they could not help the lives or personal interests in terms ofdividing or mixing these two things, because they want too much care forother people. Very concerned about how others view them and always alert.They like something to do with observation and research. As well as weunderstand, in the field of visual communication, we also struggle with thingslike that. However, somewhat less able to imagine. They define somethingbased on the principles and concepts. When they would describe the resultsof the concept of observation, they are less able to process them in a visualform. Like we know something, it seems very close, but it is difficult to beexpressed in words.
  12. 12. Integrating Intuition and AnalysisKnowing whether your left and right braindominant will help you integrate intuitionand analysis. Ch 1 -12
  13. 13. Integrating Intuition andAnalysis Intuition is based on: – Past experiences – Judgment – Feelings Intuition is Useful for decision making  Conditions of great uncertainty  Conditions with little precedent Ch 1 -13
  14. 14. Integrating Intuition & Analysis Intuition & Judgment Involve Management at all levels Influence all analyses Ch 1 -14
  15. 15. Integrating Intuition &Analysis Ch 1 -15