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Dream, Believe, Achieve


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Regional Gender Summit in Cooperatives on October 4-5, 2012 at the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU), City of Batac, Ilocos Norte.

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Dream, Believe, Achieve

  1. 1. ERROL JOHN V. VALDEZCollege of Business, Economics and Accountancy Mariano Marcos State University Batac, Ilocos Norte
  2. 2. Go NegosyoBy Joey Concepcion Written by Dean Pax Lapid Ping Sotto
  3. 3. Whether we were born rich or self-made,young or old, educated or out-of-school, aprofessional or a housewife, just startingout or retiring soon…
  4. 4. “Lumaki akong His action: “Wala na akong mahirap, ma magagawa – kasalanan matay akong ito ng gobyerno” mas mahirap pa sa daga” Why is it that those who complain about unemployment are busy drinking or chatting around sari- sari store corners day-in and day- out?
  5. 5. “Ganito ako His action: ngayon, okay “Bahala na, pwede sigurong tumaya sa lotto – baka lang na manalo ng jackpot” ganito ako Why is it that people line up very bukas, darati early in the morning outside a ng din naman betting stations to take their chance ang swerte” at games instead of taking free vocational courses from government and private institution?
  6. 6. “Pahirap ng His action: pahirap ang “Kakausapin ko ung contact buhay. ko sa office – magsusupply Kailangan ako ng packed lunch, masarap nating naman ang luto ni nanay” maghanap ng paraan para There are so many “manang” and umasenso “ates” that deliver lunches at office tayo” even without a canteen”
  7. 7. “What your mindDREAM, your heart mustBELIEVE, and your handscan ACHIEVE”- Joey Concepcion
  8. 8. “Ano ba gusto mong maging paglaki mo?” Gusto ko maging duktor! Ako maging pulis! Ako bumbero! Ako astronaut!
  9. 9.  It is the desire for personal achievement. It is not time bounded.The question most often asked is:
  10. 10.  This is a story about a son born with a relative exceptional mind. His father, aware of his uncommon academic capacity, advised him to be a doctor. But the son’s heart was into farming. If you were the son what would you do? The father’s advice was simple: “Son, if you become a doctor, you could still be a farmer. If you become a farmer, you can’t be a doctor.” The son turned out to be the richest doctor/farmer in Palawan.
  11. 11. A story about the proverbial college idiot:  He was the laughingstock of his batchmates and a favorite punching bag of insensitive teachers. After graduation, they all parted ways. Thirty-five years later, the school had a reunion and he came in a chauffer-driven Mercedes Benz. His more “Intelligent” batch mates came in their Toyotas, courtesy of a company loan. When asked what happened, his response was:
  12. 12.  “Hindi ko naman kayang mag-corporate gaya n’yo kaya pa-buy n’ sel, buy n’ sell lang ako!” His batch mates inquired, “How do you earn from that?” Again he responded humbly: “Wala, yung bang binibili kong kahit ano binebenta ko lang na may tubo. For example, kapag nabili ko ng Php 60,000 tapos nabenta ko ng Php 90,000 … nag mark-up lang ako ng 30% masama pa ba ‘yun?”
  13. 13.  His batch mates did laugh this time (even though the computation was wrong, they realized the mark-up was not 30% but rather 50%). Right or wrong arithmetic, HE’S STILL THE ONE THAT CAME IN A MERCEDES BENZ!
  14. 14. Examples: Ano???!! Gusto mo maging doktor? Ang hirap-hirap natin, saan tayo kukuha ng pangmatrikula mo?!! Makain wala tayo, matrikula pa? Ano??!! Gusto mo maging stewardess? Ang itim-itim mo, bansot ka pa, magtigil ka nga r’yan!
  15. 15. 1. Surround yourself with positive and believing people.2. Flood your mind with positive affirmations.3. Think and act as if your dreams were already realities that you are enjoying today.
  16. 16. 1. Break down the big dream into small, manageable bits.2. Celebrate small successes along the way.3. Learn to say “Thank You” every single step in your way.
  17. 17. Your success starts with a BIG DREAM or VISION. Most of the successful people always in pursuit of a lofty goal or target.When you have a BIG DREAM and you believe in it with ENTHUSIASM and CONVICTION, then you can achieve it. Take and break your plans into small pieces that you can handle. Then celebrate your gains to reward yourself and encourage your efforts.
  18. 18. Filipinos have beenprogrammed to be employees.
  19. 19. We’ve heard of the joke that’s been around:Typical advice from Filipino parents: “Study hard so you can get good grades, then you can get a good job.”Typical advice from Chinese parents: “Bilis mo r’yan, bantay ka pa tindahan”
  20. 20. A true story about a Filipino and a Chinese.After college, both applied in the samecompany. The Filipino was successful andthe Chinese was not. Years later, the twomet and the Chinese man declared, “Butinalang di ako natanggap … sana bisepresidente lang ako ngayon, hindimilyonaryo.”
  21. 21. “What your mindDREAM, your heart mustBELIEVE, and your handscan ACHIEVE”- Joey Concepcion
  22. 22. Go NegosyoBy Joey Concepcion Written by Dean Pax Lapid Ping Sotto