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Code of Conduct & Ethical Standard: A Guide for Cooperatives


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Code of Conduct, Ethical Standard, Ethics Committee; Guide for PH Cooperatives

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Code of Conduct & Ethical Standard: A Guide for Cooperatives

  1. 1. Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  2. 2. The implementation of this Code shall createpositive motivation rather than punitivecontrol, hereby penalties shall apply onlywhen necessary and only the extent requiredby the circumstances.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  3. 3. An Ethics Committee is hereby created and shall becomposed of three (3) members to be appointed by theBoard of Directors. Within ten (10)days after theirappointment, they shall elect from among themselves aChairman, Vice-Chairman and a Secretary who shall servefor a term of one (1) year or until successors shall havebeen appointed and qualified. No member of theCommittee shall hold any other position in the Cooperativeduring his term of office.Article I Creation of EthicsCommitteeJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  4. 4. The Ethics Committee shall:1.Develop Code of Governance and Ethical Standard to beobserved by the members, officers and employees of thecooperative subject to the approval of the BOD and ratification ofthe GA;2.Disseminate, promote and implement the approved Code ofGovernance and Ethical Standards;3.Monitor compliance with the Code of governance and EthicalStandards and recommend to the BOD measuresto address the gap, if any;Article 2: Functions &ResponsibilitiesJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  5. 5. 4.Conduct initial investigation or inquiry upon receipt of acomplaint involving Code of Governance and EthicalStandards and submit report to the BOD together with theappropriate sanctions;5.Recommend ethical rules and policy to the BOD;6.Perform such other functions as may be prescribed in theBy-laws or authorized by the GA.Article 2: Functions &ResponsibilitiesJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  6. 6. Offenses &ViolationsArticle 3:Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  7. 7. An officer should not be delinquentin his/her loansJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  8. 8. Should anofficer isdelinquent ofhis/her loan , anofficer isdisqualified tobe elected inany position inthe cooperativeJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  9. 9. In attending meetings –The number of hour/s Late should bededucted prorate from the Officers’Per DiemJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  10. 10. Do not wear slippers, shorts andsleeveless shirtsJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  11. 11. Wear UniformJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  12. 12. No Sleeping During MeetingJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  13. 13. No Text and Call during MeetingJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  14. 14. No to Excessive Calls during MeetingsJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  15. 15. No to Conflict of interestJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  16. 16. No to NepotismJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  17. 17. No to Abuses of Resources1. Remuneration2. Transportation3. Communication4. Travel5. Training6. EntertainmentJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  18. 18. No to Commissions (kickbacks)Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  19. 19. No to Board interference inmanagement dutiesJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  20. 20. No to One-Man leadershipJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  21. 21. Non to Excessive spending for non-earning assets (building, cars,computers, lavish meetings, excessivetravels, etc.)Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  22. 22. No to Falsifying financial informationJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  23. 23. No to incomplete, false recordsNo to tampering of recordsJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  24. 24. No to overspendingJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  25. 25. No to irregular external auditsJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  26. 26. No to accepting free or greatlydiscounted products, services orother items of an extraordinaryvalue that are suitable for personaluse from an employee orrepresentative of a supplier, vendor,subcontractor, consultant orcompetitor of the CooperativeJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  27. 27. Personal interests or activities thatare or could only be reasonablyaccomplished using Cooperative,material, equipment or proprietaryinformation (e.g., working for anoutside interest - whether paid orunpaid - whose activities couldonly reasonably be conductedduring normal business hours)isprohibited.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  28. 28. Directly or indirectly acquiring orturning any businessopportunity which ought to beavailable to the Cooperative toyour own or someone else’spersonal advantage isprohibited.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  29. 29. During Meeting the avoid the 5 S• Smile (smiling only)• Sit (sitting only)• Sleeping during meeting• Snoring• Intent is only to Sign the voucher(receive honorarium withoutparticipating)Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  30. 30. Directors, officers and committee members, who willfullyand knowingly vote for or assent to patently unlawful acts,or who are guilty of gross negligence or bad faith indirecting the affairs of the Cooperative or acquire anypersonal or pecuniary interest in conflict with their dutiesas Directors, officers or committee members shall be liablejointly and severally for all damages resulting there fromto the Cooperative, members and other persons.Article 5: Liabilities of Directors, Officersand Committee Members.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  31. 31. When a director, officer or committeemember attempts to acquire, or acquires in violationof his duties, any interest or equity adverse to theCooperative in respect to any matter which has beenreposed in him in confidence, he shall, as a trusteefor the Cooperative, be liable for damages or loss ofprofits which otherwise would have accrued to theCooperative.Article 5: Liabilities of Directors, Officersand Committee Members.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  32. 32. Article 5: Possible Penalties1. Letter Reminder2. One on One meeting3. Hearing4. If found guilty: suspension or terminationdepending on the degree of violationscommittedJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  33. 33. Article 6Code of Conduct forCooperativeEmployeesJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  34. 34. Objectives• To provide management with prudentguidelines in the administration of employees’discipline, and to ensure and maintain highlevel of efficiency; and• To provide the employees with the basicguidelines of personal conduct in theperformance of their job.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  35. 35. Employees shall:1. Report on time and be ready to perform theirassigned tasks at the start of their official workingtime.2. Practice courtesy at all times in dealing withvisitors, customers, co-employees and officers. Theyshall entertain customers and visitors courteouslyand say thank you for every transaction attended.3. Exercise prudence in discharging their day-to-daytasks by reporting to the immediate supervisor anyproblem that arises during their tour of duty and torefrain from discussing the same inJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  36. 36. 4. answered before the third ring. When making or receiving acall, the employee must identify himself/herself. Whenreceiving a call for somebody who is not available at the timeof the call, he/she shall ask the name and the message of thecaller. Say thank you at all times for every attended calls.5. Maintain proper behaviour at the workplace at all times byusing appropriate language and manners.6. Perform his/her job with utmost honesty and maintain highmoral standards of behaviour and shall refrain from indecent,lewd, and immoral acts which can give occasion for scandal orloss of confidence in the company.Employees shall:Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  37. 37. 7. Exercise expediency in delivering goods and services toits clientele. In the private corporate world, any form ofdelay is a mortal sin and therefore unforgivable.8. Put official communications in writing.9. Protect the interest of the cooperative10. Wear their cooperative I.D. within the companypremises and to wear the appropriate uniformprescribed by the company during official workinghours/days in accordance with the schedules set for eachuniform suit/style.Employees shall:Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  38. 38. 11. Exercise due care in the handling/use of theproperties belonging to the company or entrusted bythe company. Improper/incorrect use of equipmentor parts thereof that leads to the damage of saidproperty shall constitute a violation.12. Comply with and perform all reasonable directivesand instructions of duly authorized superiors tomaintain the work-flow and promote harmony andgood order which are essential to the efficiency ofoperations and realization of the corporateobjectives of the company.Employees shall:Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  39. 39. PENALTIESAfter due process, an employee who violates a particularprovision of this Code shall be disciplined on the basis of thefollowing penalties:A – Verbal WarningB – Written WarningC – Suspension depending on the gravity of the offenseD – TerminationExcept for offense(s) punishable by termination, countingof offense(s) begins every 1st day of the year and ends everylast day of the year.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  40. 40. VERBAL WARNINGIs an advice calling the attention of theemployee if the violation is a minor offenseand no damage caused by such simpleinfraction.WRITTEN WARNINGIs a formal letter or notice to an employeeas the employee’s violation of a companypolicy or rules and regulation.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  41. 41. SUSPENSIONIs a forced temporary absence from work with pay whichmay be imposed as a penalty depending upon the gravity ofthe offense committed.A. PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION• Is not a penalty but an interim measure to be imposeddepending on the gravity of the offense allegedly committedpending formal investigation of a reported violation totemporarily remove the respondent from the scene of hismisfeasance/malfeasance and to preclude the possibility ofexerting undue influence or pressure on the witnesses againsthim or tampering/destruction of documentary evidence onfile.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  42. 42. Preventive suspension without pay can beimposed only for a maximum period of thirty(30) calendar days. In exceptionalcircumstances, the company has the option toextend the suspension beyond (30) daysprovided that the employee is paid his salary.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  43. 43. During the period of preventive suspension, theemployee is not allowed to enter the premisesof the company except to attend theinvestigation proceedings/hearings of thecase.Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  44. 44. B. PUNITIVE SUSPENSIONIs an imposition of a penalty of an erringemployee after conviction for an offense or amisconduct committed.TERMINATIONIs the separation of the employee foremployment after the facts and circumstancesof case have been fully considered,established and proofsJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  45. 45. Date Approved:Signatories:Jo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan
  46. 46. ReferenceCDA ACBL templateRegional Tripartite Wages and productivityBoard – I. A guide Handbook in theFormulation of a Code of Conduct andDiscipline For Micro, Small and MediumEstablishments (MSMEs)Josefina B. Bitonio (2011) Code of Ethics andConduct for Cooperatives. LecturePresentation for DARJo B. Bitonio. CDA Dagupan