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Brand Wars (Ambush Marketing Case) Harpic vs Domex- Aetos Dios


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Brand Wars (Ambush Marketing Case) Harpic vs Domex- Aetos Dios

  1. 1. Brand Wars 22nd February, 2013 BW-7 Team Name: Aetos Dios Members Jobin Mathew Reagan ChettiarSIESCOMS Richard Manickam
  2. 2. 73.5% Rs 250 crore @ 18-20 per cent.
  3. 3. Why use productDumbX, Y or ZSwitch to HarpicThe Toilet Specialist
  4. 4. Do-Me-X:Present participle of changeVerb1. Switching away from your eX product to the new Harpic Power Plus. The New Age DictionaryThe Toilet Specialist
  5. 5. Dump your Ex Cleaner,Commit to the better SolutionThe Toilet Specialist
  6. 6. We are not just thicker, but 5 times strongerNew Harpic Power Plus 5The New Improved Domex Thick
  7. 7. Known Criminal First Time Criminal Jaggu Germbhai No Record Found Height: 3 Cm’ Status: Killed Weight: 0.10 GmAccused: 200 Toilets Germ spread Scam Status: Killed UN TOO
  8. 8. The Effect of Harpic The Defect of Product ‘Ex’Power Plus Do Me X
  9. 9. The FacebookTimeline Story I have survived the RIP Product Killed in action during ‘ DumbX’ Challenge Harpic Challenge
  10. 10. # Done
  11. 11. Thank You 22nd February, 2013