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Students, Social Media & Social employment


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Why you should be showing your students how to use social media successfully.

Social media isn't going to go away so you owe it to your students to give them guidelines

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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Students, Social Media & Social employment

  1. 1. Students Social media &Social employment
  2. 2. Students use social media mainly to stay connected with their friends
  3. 3. Students use social media for personal communications
  4. 4. But what if they’re shown the other uses for social media ?
  5. 5. If Students knew friends are It’s Not Just where their Friends are• Employers• Influencers• career advisors• Recruiters• Job boards• Entrepreneurs
  6. 6. They don’t just do technology they live it So it makes sense to show them how to be clever with it
  7. 7. You can show studentsHow to Use Social Media to attract future employers
  8. 8. They’re Hungry for information & want it now ? Twitter : No gatekeepers speak directly to members of the organisation. Find out information instantly
  9. 9. Show Students how to tap into Twitter
  10. 10. Students dont like to watch Tv Youtube: startresearching company videos
  11. 11. Show students how to use Youtube to show case their work JaackMaate
  12. 12. Show students how to use YouTube to market themselves
  13. 13. Get your students to join talent communities on Facebook
  14. 14. Show your students how can they use it to map a future? To get employed?
  15. 15. In the UK 43% 9 - 12yr olds use social media 90% of 13 - 16yr olds use social mediaShow then how to use Social Media powerfully
  16. 16. For more advice on helping your students to useSocial Media successfully connect with me on Twitter @jobhopjulieor e mail me