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2nd block errors

  1. 1. Dirty Wordslots, stuff, things, a lot, tons, etc, should of,could of, would of, you, towards, quote,Anyways, till, In conclusion, Firstly, Secondly,
  2. 2. It may seem people were friends but most of the time, they ended up just using people.
  3. 3. “Hard work beats talent when talentdoesn’t work hard”.
  4. 4. Having learned my lesson I’m nowtraining as hard as possible.
  5. 5. I didn’t start them untilthe day of the due date and the teacher said everything on the rubric form had to be included.
  6. 6. I was upset and I didnot understand why.
  7. 7. I should of started on the projectsbeforehand and work slowly until the due date so I would of gotten everything done.
  8. 8. My experience fromthis quote are when I was...
  9. 9. We could barely payfor are cars, or other bills.
  10. 10. Suddenly I heard myname being called toreport to the skating ring.
  11. 11. When I finally ended my skating piecepeople were clapping and cheering I felt confident again.
  12. 12. While doing my homework it gotreally late and I got tired and went to bed.
  13. 13. I brushed myteeth, washed my face, and then I ate breakfast.
  14. 14. I soon found out who it wasand he just kept talkingabout me.
  15. 15. Each individual has the right and ability to change, if they put their mind to it.
  16. 16. There is plentiful crops, lots of water, and abundance of shelters too.
  17. 17. It seemed like the situation was getting worse andworse everyday I was falling a part.
  18. 18. The quote I choose is“Even at my weakestmoments I am strong” (Anonymous).
  19. 19. While I was layingthere crying on the floor I prayed to god
  20. 20. Weather she likes it or not, thesecret will come out. Now if oneof them did it once and didnt get caught it wont come out unlessthey feel guilty and decide to tell the other loved one.
  21. 21. Lying will only lead totrouble, no one wants to be friends with a lier/criminal.
  22. 22. I tried and tried tostop lying but I could not stop.
  23. 23. But luckly I had mycousin who was in his sophmore year.
  24. 24. Recently I have changed andI try my best to be nice andgrateful.
  25. 25. This ever so clever saying isimportant to me because,Ive personally experienceda scenario relating to it.
  26. 26. Of course I still eat food cooked by my loving family, but every nowand then Ill make myself a treat.
  27. 27. I said, then she looked at mewith a blank look on her face, itdidnt look sad and it definitelywasnt happy, I couldnt makeout what she was feeling.
  28. 28. The one thing that couldconquer or overrule ahumans judgement istheir emotions.
  29. 29. I wish I was stronger.
  30. 30. Whether we like it or not, fear isan emotion that is unpleasant,because everyone likes to think asthough they are superman of somesort; however, by overcomingthese fears, we are able to grownhumanly.
  31. 31. So beginning of my 9thgrade year, I put pressureon myself to get straightAs.
  32. 32. We were completely different butour feelings for each other wasexactly the same and thats whatmattered. We would go on dates,we would go with each othersfamily and do activities.
  33. 33. As more people began torealize that I was the girlwho betrayed a best friend,the more I was hated.
  34. 34. I told her I had neverhad company whileshe was not home.
  35. 35. She began to treat medifferent and everything Isaid to her was a lie.
  36. 36. Even though life wasntso great i still had fun in anyway i could.
  37. 37. Im more than thankful to living one, I have everything i possibly need roof over my head, food onthe table, a bed to sleep on, while so many suffer and have half or none of the thing i have.
  38. 38. A few months had passed being ingulfed in WWII my family felt like going to the pool.
  39. 39. My dad was on theladder saying either jumpor I will push you in.
  40. 40. ...because she didntwant me to lost mychildhood to quickly.
  41. 41. I thought to my self, maybeshe is rite, maybe I shouldntthink less of myself.
  42. 42. Suddenly I heard my namebeing called to report to theskating ring.
  43. 43. My experience from thisquote are when I was awealthy boy...
  44. 44. Also, when we had tomove to Georgia.
  45. 45. I didnt start them until theday of the due date and theteacher said everything onthe rubric form had to beincluded.
  46. 46. Friends werent theanswers to problems butI am just seen by manypeople as too friendly.
  47. 47. At times, I never realize myemotions can get the best ofme, including my angerproblems, it has got me intotrouble and almost got me intofights.
  48. 48. While I was laying therecrying on the floor, Iprayed to god.....
  49. 49. Everybody who has everlived on earth has had anevent where they havelearned a law of life.
  50. 50. While doing myhomework it got reallylate and I got tired andwent to bed.
  51. 51. But after 3 months of running 6 days a week around 7 miles aday, I had outworked 7 people and had gotten a minute a faster.