Ghana Capability Statement


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Ghana Capability Statement

  1. 1. Ghana Capability StatementVECGHACS07/10
  2. 2. Von Essen Consulting Ghana Availability g Von Essen Consulting supports the following expatriate nationals taking assignments in Ghana with certain visa restrictions. Currently, all nationalities entering Ghana need a visa before arrival except; • The Entry Visa can be obtained upon arrival in the country by the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) nationals* and those of other countries** with which the Government of Ghana has specific bilateral agreements (a maximum of 60 days stay or 90 days in the case of ECOWAS nationals is granted) *Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote dIvoire, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo **Egypt, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Morocco, Singapore, Zimbabwe Immigration g Types of visa including validity, processing time, general requirements, costs. Time Type of visa Validity Documents Required Costs scales 1) Photocopy of consultants passport Business 1-2 months from approx. USD 350 including biodata page Visa date of issue 2-3 2) Itinerary of trip weeks 3Consultants job title and description 4) Name of company he will be working for 5) Proof of accommodation Emergency 2 weeks from 4-7 1) Photocopy of valid passport USD 470 Entry Permit date of issue working (front page + photo page) days 2) Consultant’s CV 3) Police Report For 4) Medical Report Business visa - (general medical status + inoculations) Extension or tourist visa’s 2 Entry Permit (Valid for one weeks (Police and medical reports can be from either USD 420 to two months) consultant home country or the country where they are working currently) Work 5) Job Title/Description Ordinary Work permit 4-6 Permit & 6) Contract start date/duration USD 1,400.00 (Valid for One Year) weeks Residency Permit 7) Completed application form 8) Contract of employment/offer letter Resident Permit (prepared & signed by Local Partner) after Work permit 4 9) Four passport size photographs Approval weeks 10) NOL (no objection letter) if consultant (Valid for One Year- Renewable) already working in Ghana 11) Letter of consultant acceptance (prepared by local partner, signed by Consultant) USD 2,500.00 (Valid for One 6-8 All of the above Year- Renewable) weeks Work 1) Confirmation of 10,000 USD Funds Transfer Permit & from Bank of Ghana. Residency Permit 2) Transfer of Shares to Investor at (Difficult Company’s Registry. Nationali- ties) 3)Registration of Investor at Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Limitations NB: Consultants either on entry permit or business visa cannot start officially working in Ghana unless that person is granted a Residence Permit by the Director of Immigration to remain and work in the country. Therefore, to speed up the process the application for a Work/Residence Permit will typically be made at the same time as the Business or Entry Visa, i.e. before Consultant arrives in country. Types of g • Employed Solution available cont....VECGHACS07/10
  3. 3. Von Essen Consulting Ghana Withholding g There are no withholding taxes on invoices for services from outside Ghana. Taxes Contract g Von Essen can hold a direct contract with either the end client or the agency depending on the requirements and of the agency. Where they hold a contract with the end client the agency would hold a separate side contract with Von Essen for their margin. Employed consultants will hold a direct employment contract with the Von Essen Payment partner, which in turn holds a service contract with Von Essen structure Taxation g Income Tax Taxes are levied in Ghana on all Personal Income. There are 5 progressive Tax Bands, which range from 5% for all income over 220 GH¢ per annum up to 25% on all income over 9600 GH¢ per annum. There is a Personal Allowance of 240 GH¢ available to Expatriate Employees in Ghana. Social Security The Social Security Contributions are non-compulsorily/optional for Expatriate Employees. The employee contributes 2.5% of basic salary while the employer contributes 20.1% of the employees basic salary to the Social Security and National Insurance Trust.Banking and g Local banking is sometimes required when operating in Ghana. Von Essen will provide advice on setting up a other local local bank account for consultants to use while working on a project. Von Essen can also assist with the following services services for a separate cost: • Meet and Greet – approx. USD 150.00 • Mobile phone and sim cards • Hotel accommodation – approx. USD 200.00 per night for well known, secure, high quality hotels • Car Hire – approx. USD 65.00 per day • Medical Insurance – from USD 300.00 – 850.00 depending on scheme chosen • Driving licence – USD 200.00VECGHACS07/10
  4. 4. Head Office+41(0)22 819 1814 UK Office +44 (0) 207 997