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Ageing Celebrities


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Ageing Celebrities

  1. 1. HOW WELL DO THEY AGE Be prepared to be scared off your chair or still be mystified of their beauty, either or, how are some of our legends ageing. Enjoy
  2. 2. SUZI QUATRO Born 1950 1974 2007 Can you keep a secret, she was my very first crush
  3. 3. SEAN CONNERY Born 1930 1960 2007 Hey click again and you will see Sean representing Scotland at the 1953 Mr Universe, he placed 3rd
  4. 4. 1960 2007 PAUL NEWMAN Born 1925 Paul finished 2 nd in the 1979 Le Mans 24hr Race in a Porsche 935
  5. 5. DEBORAH HARRY Born 1945 1978 2007 Lead Singer of Blondie EMI initially did not want to release Heart of Glass as they felt it was too disco and it was 1980.
  6. 6. ELIZABETH TAYLOR Born 1932 1958 2007 Elizabeth became the first actress to earn one million for a movie, the movie was Cleopatra.
  7. 7. KEITH RICHARDS 1961 2007 Born 1943 It is said that Keith wrote the song “Satisfaction while asleep with a running tape recorder beside the bed.
  8. 8. NANCY SINATRA Born 1940 1968 2007 Nancy posed nude for Playboy at the age of 54, it is rumored it was this incident that started the heart problems for Frank
  9. 9. CLINT EASTWOOD Born 1930 1965 2007 Believe it or not, Clint was allergic to horses.
  10. 10. TINA TURNER Born 1938 2007 1968 One of Tina’s biggest hits was “Nutbush City Limits”, where do you ask did she get the inspiration, well she was born in Nutbush Tennessee
  11. 11. MICHAEL JACKSON 2007 Born 1958 1982 Do you want to see what Michael will look like in 2010, click
  12. 12. Queen Elizabeth II Born 1926 1954 2007 The Queen is also credited with a new breed of dog called a “Dorgi” when one of her corgi’s mated with a dachshund. We are still waiting to see what breed come’s out of mixing Prince Charles and Camilla, woooo slap my face
  13. 13. GOLDIE HAWN 1969 2007 Born 1945 Goldie was discovered while dancing in a chorus line on the Andy Griffith Show in 1967
  14. 14. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Born 1947 1976 2007 Arnie grew up in a home with no phone, no fridge and no toilet, as he was leaving home, he turned around and said “I’ll be back”, ehhh forget it.
  15. 15. 2007 SYLVESTER STALLONE 1974 Born 1946 In High School, he was voted most likely to end up in the Electric Chair
  16. 16. Born 1944 DANNY DEVITO 2007 1975 Prior to his break in show biz, Danny was a qualified hair dresser and stylist.
  17. 17. 1961 2007 MARGARET THATCHER Born 1925 South Africa named a nectarine after her
  18. 18. Louise Fletcher Born 1934 1975 2007 Louise received a citation for crashing into a police car in 2000
  19. 19. 1963 2007 MARY TYLER MOORE Born 1936 Mary's career started on a 1957 tv show called “Richard Diamond Private Detective”, but the camera was mainly aimed at her legs
  20. 20. 1976 2007 LYNDA CARTER Born 1951 It was Lynda’s idea to spin around to change into her costume,damn her for being so fast.
  21. 21. 1958 2007 Roger is terrified of guns, announced he no longer wished to play Bond as it was embarrassing to lay with women the same age as his daughter, personally I think it was his salary as he only got paid $4000.00 and $5000.00 for Octopussy and A View to a Kill respectfully, ouch ROGER MOORE Born 1927
  22. 22. 1966 2007 TOM JONES Born 1940 Tom is still married to his first wife Melinda, they tied the knot in 1957 when Tom was 16yrs old, I wonder if Melinda let Tom keep all the panties that were thrown at him.
  23. 23. 1953 2007 SOPHIA LOREN Born 1934 Sophia’s sister Anna Maria was once married to Benito Mussolini’s son Romano.
  24. 24. SHIRLEY TEMPLE Born 1928 1936 2007 Shirley never had curly hair, her mother would put 56 pin curls in her hair every day
  25. 25. BRIGITTE BARDOT Born 1934 1961 2007 Brigitte is a vegetarian, Now you see why we have to eat meat
  26. 26. 2007 RAQUEL WELCH 1970 Born 1940 Raquel was initially a weather forecaster for a San Diego TV Station
  27. 27. CHEERS