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Jakob le Fevre from JOB2SEA is doing a presentation about how JOB2SEA have used social media to establish presence in the market.

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  1. 1. JOB2SEA Seminar 20-11-2012:Hvordan JOB2SEA gik fra 1200 til 40.000 besøg per måned på under to årUdvikling af et digitalt online univers, status på JOB2SEA samt gennemgang afde muligheder virksomheder har for at spare penge og tid.Jakob le FevreManaging PartnerJOB2SEA
  2. 2. JOB2SEA og Sociale Medier:• Wordpress Blog• Facebook page – More than 1.400 followers• YouTube Channel• Twitter Account• LinkedIn company page – close to 1.000 followers• LinkedIn Groups - total more than 20.000 members • JOB2SEA • JOB2SEA Singapore • JOB2SEA Norway • JOB2SEA Germany • JOB2SEA Netherland • Nordic Maritime • MARPRO – Maritime Professionals • MDO – Marine Deck Officers• Member of 50 maritime relevant groups on LinkedIn – total more than 80.000 members
  3. 3. Google PagerankPageRank is a link analysis algorithm,named after Larry Page and used by theGoogle Internet search engine, thatassigns a numerical weighting to eachelement of a hyperlinked set of documents,such as the World Wide Web, with thepurpose of "measuring" its relativeimportance within the set.How to increase page rankPage Rank is one of the important factor inGoogles SERP rankings. To increase pagerank of a site get back links from therelevant niche sites having high PR. Wherelinks from the relevant niche sites helps ingetting good rank in SERP, there the backlinks from the high PR sites help inattaining high Page rank.
  4. 4. Google PagerankPagerank 0-2: Any websites between a Pagerank of 0 to 2 areconsidered as new websites just starting out in the industry. Anysites that is cached by Google in its initial days are given Pagerankof 0 and later in the first Pagerank update they can be qualified forthe Pagerank 2. Most new sites which gain a sustainable amountof backlinks within its preliminary stage can also receive a higherpagerank from Google.Pagerank 3-6: Any established sites which has proven itsperformance and already have some good back links falls into thiscategory. Most websites that are about 10-12 months old and withback links can get a Pagerank of 3-6Pagerank 7-10: Any websites that has a Pagerank 7 or above canbe considered as the industry leader of that niche. You can findvery few sites gaining a Pagerank of 7 and above as it takes goodamount of time and some established technique to get a Pagerankabove 7.
  5. 5. Google PagerankWhy is it so important?Pagerank can be vital for anywebsite that depends on trafficfrom Search Engine. You willbe ranked higher than anothersites if you have a goodpagerank. So, think today andstart working on buildingpagerank to get betterexposure on Search Enginerankings.
  6. 6. Minimum gratis web tjeckliste: Har firmaet en LinkedIn page? Er company page opdateret med f.eks. Produkter? Har firmaet en Twitter konto? Har firmaet en facebook company page? Har firmaets hjemmeside socialt medie deleknapper? Har firmaet styr på hvordan man bruger: Google Adwords Facebook ads og promoted status LinkedIn ads Hvad er Google PageRank? Kør en gratis analyse på Kør en gratis analyse på
  7. 7. Social BusinessSocial Business is a journey, not a destination. It’s a marathon, not asprint. This is not something that should come across as a majorsurprise. Customer behavior has changed, so businesses must alsochange. The future of business is the Social Business.Old school company: 2012:Example of company evaluation website:,6.htm
  8. 8. Alder – Sociale Medier: Google – 14 år LinkedIn – 9 år Facebook – 8 år YouTube – 7 år Twitter – 6 årHvis der skal opnås noget skal firmaet holde sig konstantopdateret. F.eks. her:
  9. 9. JOB2SEA on You Tube
  10. 10. Thank you for watchingPlease link