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  1. 1. Simuladores Ref. Modelo Imagen Descripción XTRV1 Reflex XTR Simulator Model Name: USB Simulator MOdel No: FS-SM101 Supports: VRC Software Mystery USB Simulator for Compatible: Windows FS-SM101 98/2000/SE.NT.XP car Graphic card:3D Support:USB HID1.1 Input Signal:2-3CH PPM Support: USB HID1.1 Compatlble: Windows 98/2000 SE.NT.XP Cable Length : 1.5m Weight:14g(cable and Mystery FMS USB connector not included) FS-SM100 Simulator(4-8CH) for Dimension:12*47*20mm helicopter Package Contents: 100% Brand New 1 x USB Cable Set 1 x Software CD (FMS for helicopter) Simulator for helicopter EK2-0905A EK2-0905A 100% Brand New Mystery Simulator check 1 x Cable Set FS-SM020 1 x Software CD (FMS for for helicopter(1.0 version) helicopter) Mystery XTR Simulator FS-SM200 check for helicopter(2.0 version) Los precios no incluyen IVA, Las tarifas son validas 30 días a partir de la fecha. Las tarifas pueden estar sometidas a cambios sin previo aviso, debido al cambio del Dólar