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shop on-line watercolor kids 5th session


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shop on-line watercolor kids 5th session

  1. 1. Shop on-line watercolor Kids 21 december 2013 test session...letter to Kings Dear Kings. This year I have behaved very well and I like to bring me a little something. • . A box of watercolor paints, watercolors can also be tube??. I could use to replace them with the Chinese that I have now • A blog of watercolor paper, my mom tells me it has to be at least 270 grams, but I do not know what that means ... What about you if you?. • Nor could use some better brushes me wrong, I have that are also of Chinese and despeluchan my people slightly. • ... . oh and do not forget a staedtler eraser type. The pens that I have not served me ... so I ask and I leave gifts for other children. Other things I'll get in the kitchen (paper, glass jars, plastic plates, got salt? ...) So nothing more. But especially if you send him going very loaded one whatsapp Papa Noël and bring it arrives so he can use before and during the holidays. Francesco
  2. 2. Shop on-line watercolor Kids improving basic materials used In order to clarify the letter of Francesco I bring you any recommendations that may be handy for you to help small to write their letter to Santa Claus or the Three Kings. These specialists serve our illusions, always take into account a number of important principles: 1. Is not essential to start investing in higher priced materials, your own progress in acquiring the art will increasingly require better materials. 2. Seller to acquire are specialized in materials for fine arts. Contrary to what may seem they are more expensive and also tend to have good material offers a lower cost. 3. When there are no such facilities in your area, can also be purchased online.Requested in an online store, you will pay on the amount and send it to your home within a reasonable time period. Papers: There is a lot of "brand" and each of them made of different weights: (paper weight per square meter, for example 185 g/m2, means that one square meter of paper that weighs 185 grams), or textures: finegrained or coarse-grained. - fine grain , has a smooth surface, recommended for such work very drawn illustrations. - medium grain ,. has the least problems and presents watercolor puddles or "cut" - coarse grained ; presents large roughness accumulates water and later watercolor to dry, it is hard to handle when getting started. Manufacturers will make "a good job": Fabriano, Arches, Talens.
  3. 3. Shop on-line watercolor Kids Watercolors on pills (insets): Godets comes to mean tablet (looks great in the picture and once you have the cash can buy each color separately to increase our basic palette. Exists a lot of "brand" and has the advantage that the cover itself uses metal closing can also be used as color mixing paddle. Watercolors in tubes There is a lot of "brand" they sell it and have the advantage that the tube is not dried is pasty, we have to use as a paddle a porcelain dish in the top composition is seen as arranged in the dish to proceed mixtures.
  4. 4. Shop on-line watercolor Kids Brands of widely differing prices: Talens sells multiple brands, Winsor & Newton and Schmincke among others will fit your needs. Each color has a name and number, and have the peculiarity that indoors Talens each color has the same number, both marketed under the brand Rembrandt (more expensive) or under the name Van Gogh (cheaper). Brushes: There is a lot of "brands" that market. And the acquisition depends more on what you can spend and the type of paint you're going to make that trademark issue.Brands of widely differing prices: Winsor & Newton, Talens that also sells multiple brands, etc.. Personally I would recommend Van Gohg maintaining good value for money. not go into details because of the large amount of price, quality and brand, just a tip: buy the best brushes you can afford.
  5. 5. Shop on-line watercolor Kids golf bag: D ertain brands have designed bags containing all the materials needed to take the field to enjoy a morning stroll and stop to rest while you make a nice watercolor. Tote pictured above is the house Winsor & Newton practice these behave like the colors. 1. All colors are derived from the three primary colors ... 2. Secondary colors are those obtained by mixing the primary ... 3. Complementary colors are those found on the opposite side on the color wheel, applied a color next to its complement is the contrast that produces more ... 4. In watercolor no white color, (you get to not stain the background paper), the peculiarity of watercolor is its transparency, a quality that has for example gouche or oil ... 5. Before applying color on paper support should make a "test" in an identical role and check it is the tone that we want to apply … 6. It is essential the two jars of water: one thoroughly wash the brush before changing colors, the other used to moisten the brush and take the new color or mix ...
  6. 6. Shop on-line watercolor Kids 7. Apply color after "proof" and when you no longer use to re-clean and take another color ... 8. Only in this way we will get our box is not a mixture of brown or gray, you have an example in the center of the color wheel ... 9. The paper towels used to absorb excess water that we deposited on paper, to clean the brush to remove excess amount we have in the brush before applying ... 10.Watercolor is not a type of painting using the technique Quite slowly results are achieved ... But please I need you to go there and you sending your work to assess the progress the kids are having. Tell your parents to send me your work and if you like the post, may send an email to: and I will answer them as quickly as possible . What have I learned from the 5th session of the workshop on-line? This time only intended to help you write the letter: to the Magi or Father Christmas, each family has a habit, as it is with the Christmas tree or Bethlehem. Whatever your custom I wish you all that you spend a Happy Holidays! and that next year is even better than this.