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shop on-line watercolor kids 4th session


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shop on-line watercolor kids 4th session 2 december 2013

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shop on-line watercolor kids 4th session

  1. 1. Shop on-line watercolor Kids 4th session 2 december 2013 …Art watercolor then • • • You've ever heard "watercolor painting is the most difficult.". Well ... like everything else, any medium you use is very difficult and very easy, depends on the effort you put in to achieve a good technique and practice a lot, learn from mistakes and all: always painted using a technique, do not start experimenting ... as you will see later, when you decide to use their own style. enjoys with "your failures" (overcoming them with more practice). enjoys with "your progress," but you seem very small. and most importantly ... never give up. as usual basic materials used • • • • • • • • • • We just need: a normal pencil graphite very soft hardness B. normal soft graphite pencil HB hardness. Our now famous staedtler eraser. Bloc of watercolors. A white china plate. Brushes. At least three different thicknesses. You will also need two jars for water, one for washing brushes and one for wet and dissolve watercolors. watercolor paper, at least of those who use the kids at school, such as "piggy". No current folios serve because they do not absorb water and wrinkling. Paper towels to absorb excess water and cleaning brushes.
  2. 2. Shop on-line watercolor Kids and especially do not forget the glass jars and kitchen paper remember the two water bottles and paper kitchen. The procedure is as follows : 1. need two water bottles : 1 to wet clean brush and 2 to wash the brush. 2 . can 1 serves to wet the brush. 3 . Now dip the wet brush and a color dissolve . 4 . with brush and color fill I use to fill in the part we want to paint the picture of that color. 5 . When we want to change the brush color is washed in water bottle 2 until it is clean (that way no other color Spot You ) . I finished cleaning using paper towels . 6. back to point 2 , ie dip the brush to have water that dissolve other color .... and so we get that dirt we left in the canister 2 . When it starts to gray water be changed as often as needed. 7. so what will be the dirty water and no paintbox or our picture . 8. the box will have different colors, but also be clean and transparent which is the quality watercolor ... and there will be a gray box emembering the color wheel 1.All colors are derived from the three primary colors ... 2.Are secondary colors which are obtained by mixing the primary ... 3.Son complementary colors which are on the opposite side on the color wheel , applied a color next to its complement is the contrast that produces more ...
  3. 3. Shop on-line watercolor Kids 4.In the watercolor no white color, (you get to not stain the background paper) , the peculiarity of watercolor is its transparency , a quality that has for example gouche or oil ... 5.Before applying color on paper support should make a " test " on an identical paper and verify that it is the tone that we want to apply ... 6.Es crucial two jars of water : one thoroughly wash the brush before changing colors , the other used to moisten the brush and take the new color or mix ... 7.Aplicar color after " proof" and when you no longer use to re-clean and take another color ... 8.Solo thus get our box is not a mixture of brown or gray , you have an example in the center of the color wheel ... 9.The used paper towels to absorb excess water that we deposited on paper, to clean the brush to remove excess amount we have in the brush before applying ... 10.La is not a kind watercolor painting using the technique Quite slowly results are achieved ... for now ... that's all. We will advance step by step, session by session in the art watercolor.
  4. 4. Shop on-line watercolor Kids to practice this week I emphasize "once more" that this training is intended that children and yourself as a parent, do not abandon midway, arrive to the end of the workshop on-line and you are in position to make your own work. Utilizad you please model (eg a toy that you like). You can use the box of watercolors at school. But please I need your work already envieis to assess the progress the kids are having. Tell your parents to send me your work and if you like the post, may send an email to: and I will answer them as quickly as possible.