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IS Undergrads Class 5


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IS Undergrads Class 5

  1. 1. Information systems and strategy User imperative (add p.11) Each information technology has dynamic properties determined by how people use it It is people’s use of IT, and not IT itself which shapes society and organizations Those in power can shape interpretive schemes, but not technology use directly IT is a resource for improvisation
  2. 2. User imperative and tech. (add p.11) IT designers build capabilities into their hardware and software These capabilities are turned into features as users draw on them in their everyday work These features are crystallized as others used the outputs of technology for their own practices User imperative and org’s (add p.11) IT is a resource that people use as they address the everyday challenges of organizational life ‘Consequences of IT’ is a misnomer : Instead, the focus is on the uses of IT The same technology can be used by the same people in different ways
  3. 3. The ISS Triangle Biz strategy Org’l strategy IS strategy analysis Biz strategy Org’l strategy IS strategy *What imperative is this? How does IT matter? Radical Radical organizational market changes changes IT as a core element in strategy 6
  4. 4. IT is a major corporate investment 7 Growth in IT spending spans borders 8
  5. 5. SO... IT is an important startegic parameter 9 However, these investments have not delivered 10
  6. 6. Is this surprising? ! ! What strategic advantage does IT look like? 11 12
  7. 7. Taking advantages of infrastructural technologies Getting there first Factories installed next to electricity plants Insightful early uses Replace pulleys and steam engines Serve emerging market needs 13 As technologies spread this advantage disappears Strategic advantage coms from scarce, not from abundant resources IT is increasingly ubiquitous hence it is decreasingly strategic IT is becoming a cost that all must bear but that no one can profit from 14
  8. 8. If IT doesn’t matter, what are the next steps? Minimize your IT costs Focus on efficiency, not effectiveness Minimize your IT risks Focus on system continuity 15 The user imperative critique... ? ? ! ?
  9. 9. Addressing this conundrum... IT does not provide competitive advantage directly, but it is of strategic consequence IT matters strategically Market pull: Punctuated change Organizational push: Continuous change 18
  10. 10. IT and market pull IT changes mean different relationships with customers IT changes mean new and nimbler competitors IT changes mean new production (incl strategy production) processes 19 IT and organizational push As employees use IT in organizations... changes to underlying structure and startegy are likely to unfold Managers use IT to... ... As an opportunity to apply pet solutions ... As an opportunity to advance politically IT is co-opted in strategic power struggles 20
  11. 11. The ISS Triangle, really Biz strategy Org’l strategy IS strategy analysis Implementation Biz strategy Biz strategy Org’l strategy IS strategy Org’l strategy IS strategy