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  1. 1. Work done by: João Rei nº17 7ºA
  2. 2. Jupiter is the biggest planet of the Solar System and the first of the giantgases.
  3. 3. Its mass is 2,5 times the combination of the mass of the other bodies ofthe Solar System, with exception of the Sun.It has a diameter 11 times bigger than the diameter of the Earth and itsmass is 318 times higher.
  4. 4. It takes almost 12 years to complete one orbit, but it has a rotation perioduncommonly fast: 9h:50min:28s.It is the planet with the fastest rotation of Solar System.The equator regions of this planet run slightly slower than the polarregions.
  5. 5. Jupiter is a gases planet, because it was formed in the polisferic regionsof the solar nebula, where the temperatures were lower and there werebig quantities of hydrogen and helium available, as well as of ice, thatpersisted in the nebula area.
  6. 6. Jupiter has a complex and dynamic atmosphere, with stable climaticstandards at a large-scale and an apparent structure of layers thatshow different colours.The most popular phenomena of this atmosphere is the famous redspot, a strong storm caused by the conflict of climatic standards thatproduce strong winds and a big flip.