Joint Social Program Porto and Lisbon '13 August


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Joint Social Program Porto and Lisbon '13 August

  1. 1. Joint Social Program Professional Exchange Portugal - 2013
  2. 2. Lisbon Social Weekend August 9th to 11th
  3. 3. FRIDAY schedule Time: 19.30h Cost: 9,95€ (included) Welcome Dinner at Rock in Chiado  After hours at Bairro Alto A 16th century maze of narrow streets, best known as the district of Lisbon with the highest concentrations of bars.
  4. 4. SATURDAY schedule Time: 9:00h Price: 14€ (Train + Transfer + Palace) Park and Palace of Pena Ex Libris of Sintra, Marvel of Portugal. Pena Park and Palace combine the search for exoticism with the fascination for nature.
  5. 5. SATURDAY schedule Time: 15:00h Cost: Free Walking Tour Lisboa A great insight into Lisbon's lifestyle, history, culture and traditions. Places to Visit: Castelo de São Jorge, Rossio, Elevador de Santa Justa, Terreiro do Paço and many more...
  6. 6. SATURDAY schedule Santos is a part of Lisbon where you can find some of the most important discos. Come and show us your dance moves! Time: 20.00h Cost: 13€ (included) Transports: 1,90€ (card + 1 ticket) Dinner at All Saints After hours at Santos
  7. 7. SUNDAY schedule Time: 10:00h Cost: Free Transports: 2,80€ (2 tickets – go and return)   BELÉM Famous as the place from which many of the great Portuguese explorers set off on their voyages of discovery. We will visit Belém's most famous features: Torre de Belém and Mosteiro dos  Jerónimos.  Belém's main street has a 160-year-old pastry shop, where we will eat one of the famous Pastel de Belém.
  8. 8. Lisbon Social Weekend  If you're doing your Professional Exchange in Lisbon (University of  Lisbon or New University of Lisbon) the final price is 36,95€ If you're doing your Professional Exchange in other city, the final  price for the Weekend is 112,65€ It includes:  •Transportation (from your city to Lisbon, and back) •Lodging (if you're not doing the exchange in Lisbon, it will be in a hostel)
  9. 9. Porto Social Weekend August 16th to 18th
  10. 10. FRIDAY schedule Time: 20.30h Cost: 15€ (included, can be changed)     Welcome Dinner at Local Restaurant After hours at Local disco
  11. 11. SATURDAY schedule Time: 10.30h Cost: 2€ (estimated)   Walking Tour   A visit through Porto’s historical places, with the chance to lunch at Porto’s most typical street – Santa Catarina’s Street                           Places to visit: Aliados’                                                                                            Avenue, The Lion Square,                       Riverside, Clérigos’ Tower            and many more...
  12. 12. SATURDAY schedule Time: 15.45h Cost: 4€ (included)   Douro river trip Wine cellar visit
  13. 13. SATURDAY schedule Time: 21.30h Cost: 10€ (included) Dinner at ”Confeitaria Império" After hours at Local disco
  14. 14. SUNDAY schedule Time: 10.00h Cost: 4€ (included) Casa da Música   Get inside the big diamond of Porto and  know all the secrets to music!
  15. 15. SUNDAY schedule Time: 12.30h Cost: Free Serralves     Bring a sandwich and enjoy the gardens. Lay down, feel the sun and the colors.
  16. 16. Porto Social Weekend  If you're doing your Professional Exchange in Porto (University of  Porto or University of Porto - ICBAS) the final price is 32€. If you're doing your Professional Exchange in other city, the final  price for the Weekend is 100€. It includes:  •Transportation (from your city to Porto, and back) •Lodging (if you're not doing the exchange in Porto, it will be in a hostel)