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Poland Health Resorts in European Cooperation Networks


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Presentation during the XXI Polish Spas and Health Resorts Annual Congress in Szczawnica

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Poland Health Resorts in European Cooperation Networks

  1. 1. European Spas Association “Małopolska Health Resortsin European Cooperation Networks” João Pinto Barbosa Szczawnica, 18.06.2012
  2. 2. European Spas AssociationSummaryESPA Activities & NetworksMarketing
  3. 3. European Spas Association
  4. 4. European Spas AssociationAimsto Exchange experience, best practices, know-howto Develop health and wellness strategies for prevention and rehabilitation for the european citizensto Promote and to Improve quality in spas and health resortsto Stimulate and fund Research
  5. 5. European Spas AssociationActivities & Networks1. Lobbying2. Supporting the ESPA members3. Quality4. Joint projects5. Promoting the European Spas philosophy in Europe and abroad6. Marketing
  6. 6. European Spas AssociationLobbyingEU Health for Growth Programme 2014/2020EU Directive 2011/24/EU “on the application on patient rights in cross-border healthcareEU Parliament resolution on “Europe, the world’s nº 1 tourist destination” ATTPUBLICPOLICY.EU
  7. 7. European Spas AssociationSupporting the Members SERBIA ROMANIA
  8. 8. European Spas AssociationQualityStandards
  9. 9. European Spas AssociationEuropeSpa med is the seal of quality for healthresort hotels and clinics as well as medical wellnesscentres. Visitors are treated over a period of at least twoand ideally three weeks according to a medical plandrawn up by a doctor. Then again, preventive measuresmay only last a few days if the aim is to generally preventdisease or make the guest aware of health issues.
  10. 10. European Spas AssociationIn cooperation with
  11. 11. European Spas Association TC 228/WG 2 Health Tourism ServicesISO/DIS 28621 (Draft International Standard)Medical spas using natural resources -- Service requirementsAckonowledge health resorts with specific natural factors such asnatural resources of the earth or the climate used in healthtreatments, under medical supervisionISO/AWI 17679 (Approved Work Item)Wellness spa -- Service requirementsISO/AWI 17680 (Approved Work Item)Thalassotherapy - Service requirements
  12. 12. European Spas AssociationJoint ProjectsInternational diplomas recognized by the European Spas Associationand its members.A reliable source of well educated spa professionals on aninternational level.Development of international curricula
  13. 13. European Spas AssociationThalasso divisionRadon health resorts divisionPeloid division
  14. 14. European Spas AssociationPromoting the “concept”the European Spas philosophy ISMH CONGRESS EUROPEAN TOURISM FORUM
  15. 15. European Spas AssociationMarketingB2B business to businessB2C business to consumerP2P people to people
  16. 16. European Spas AssociationMessageThe role of the European SPA Destinations, Health Resorts andClinics in prevention, health promotion and rehabilitationSpecific health problems of the society, e.g. aging population,obesity, osteoporosis, supported by concrete answers andresults by the European Spa philosophyThe advantages and healing qualities of mineral springs andclimate for human body and spirit – traditions and newfindings
  17. 17. European Spas NETWORKS AssociationTargetsESPA membersSpa DestinationsEuropean Union Organs and InstitutionsJournalists / Spa MagazinesPartnersother StakeholdersSpa clientsPublic
  18. 18. European Spas AssociationPrintedMaterials
  20. 20. European Spas AssociationDATABASEof Journalists and Magazinesrelated to Tourism and Health
  21. 21. European Spas AssociationOnline Marketing
  23. 23. European Spas Association PRIMARY REASONS FOR USAGE OF SPA WEBSITES Finding deals 62% Viewing spa menus 57% Reading feedback 48% Learning more about spa… 46% Finding new spas to visit 41% Booking appointments 27% Finding out about Spa events 22% Finding out about new… 20% Posting feedback 13% Arranging spa visits with friends 13% None 13%Recommending spas to my friends 10% Other 3% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%SOURCE: STEPHANIE PERRONE GOLDSTEIN (COYLE HOSPITALITY GROUP)
  24. 24. European Association
  25. 25.
  26. 26. European Association
  27. 27. European Association Source: Google Analytics
  28. 28. European Association
  29. 29.
  30. 30. European Spas AssociationPeople share, read andgenerally engage morewith any type of contentwhen it’s surfaced throughfriends & people theyknow and trust CNN
  31. 31. European Spas AssociationWord-of-Mouth Word-of-Mouse
  32. 32. European Spas AssociationFastest growing segment:Women over 55y.o., up 175.3%in the last 120 days. SOURCE: INSIDEFACEBOOK.COM
  33. 33. European Spas AssociationPoland statisticsTotal Facebook users: 8.426.880(21,91% of Pop.)Position in the ranking by countries: 25Grew by more than 902.000 users in the last 6 months PASCAL LAUENER / REUTERS
  34. 34.
  35. 35. European Association
  36. 36. European Spas AssociationRules we have in mindEntertainInformEducateEngage
  37. 37. European Spas AssociationIntegration with every marketing tools and platforms ismandatory to amplify the Conversation:Website, Trade Fairs, Events, Press-Releases, Documents,Printed Materials, Email messages, Business cards…
  38. 38. European SpasNext steps ! Association
  39. 39. European Spas Step 1 – Fulfill the gaps AssociationConversion of the existing ESPA online tools to a salespromotion platform for the members.
  40. 40. European Spas Step 1 - Fulfill the gaps Association Finding deals 62% Viewing spa menus 57% Reading feedback 48% Learning more about spa… 46% Finding new spas to visit 41% Booking appointments 27% Finding out about Spa events 22% Finding out about new… 20% Posting feedback 13% Arranging spa visits with friends 13% None 13%Recommending spas to my friends 10% Other 3% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
  41. 41. European SpasStep 1 – Fulfill the gaps Association Reward the Fans and followers with: Discounts Special Offers Promotions Coupons etc…
  42. 42. European Spas Step 2 – Mobile Marketing Association To offer a mobileoptimised experience
  43. 43. European Spas Step 2 – Mobile Marketing Association77% of the planet ownsa mobile device (UN Telecommunications Agency)1.3 billion use the“mobile internet” (UN Telecommunications Agency)17,4% of access toall Travel sites GUARDIAN.CO.UK
  44. 44. European Spas Step 2 – Mobile Marketing Association47% expect to use their mobiledevice at their travel destination26% will use a mobile device foraccomodations & attractions research37% will use a mobile device forrestaurant research BAD WOERISHOFEN
  45. 45. European Spas AssociationDziękuję João Pinto Barbosa European Spas Association Marketing joaopintobarbosa