Joan Van Hoof                                     +31 6 20471728                           ...
Management Consulting Engagements continued2000 – 2001   Ltd./ Benelux BV – T/o €17m, 350 empl., Hotel entertainment syste...
Joan Van Hoof – Senior Executive Interim Manager                   Interim Projects Appendix 2001 - 20102010 – 2010   Prov...
•   Built a strong merger crisis team, led the organization through Phase I of established       merger, attended strong e...
•   Design and implement new organization model and work approach in contact centre,       professionalized social endowme...
with external electronics company in purchase, resulting in cost reduction of €250K per       year. Reduced extra time wor...
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Cvengjoanword Li

  1. 1. Joan Van Hoof +31 6 20471728 Linkedin – joan-van-hoof/7 Skype – joanvanhoofA highly experienced Senior Executive who has achieved a successful career in InterimManagement throughout Europe. Has worked in a variety of industries and sectorsincluding both public and private organizations.Career History – Synopsis of Management Consulting Engagements – 2001 - 20102010 – 2010 Province: Departmental Merger Project Project Manage all merger activities and ensured contribution of departmental Directors.2009 – 2010 Ministry Netherlands – Lead Director Transformational Change. Appointed to re-align existing business processes and anomalies into a new Central Office.2008 – 2009 Ministry Netherlands – Transformational Change Director. Successfully lead SINA platform technology (VIRBI state-secret code) implementation and integration into the operation and negate IT department resistance.2008 – 2008 University Medical Centre Netherlands – IT Crisis Project Manager Recruited to draft a new PID, research project budget’s history, define finalization cost and administer project in existing SAP accountancy.2005 – 2008 City Community Netherlands– Residential Services – Change Director Designed and implemented a new organization model and work approach, based on the vision.2004 – 2005 Regional Police Netherlands – Transformation Manager Provided support to the General Manager and the overall management team and successfully order to solved a host of management issues which had caused employee uproar2003 – 2004 Electronics company Netherlands - General Manager in turn around Conducted overall analysis of the organizational performance, designed and executed a turnaround plan, restoring company performance and relations with financers and investors2001 – 2002 Publishing mulitnational – Brussels – IT Organisation/Transformation Manager Assigned to substantially improve the IT organization’s performance and advised on general organizational efficiency matters.
  2. 2. Management Consulting Engagements continued2000 – 2001 Ltd./ Benelux BV – T/o €17m, 350 empl., Hotel entertainment systems. Director – Benelux Operations: Manage professionalization process of Benelux operations.1999– 1999 Underwater Systems, Netherlands - T/o €12m, 300 empl., ROV’s. General Manager in ROV soft ware crisis: Crisis management in relation to software fault in sold ROV.1999 – 1999 Lottery, Netherlands - T/o €400 m, Fundraising, Data services. IT Development Manager: Manage transformational change in IT department based on lottery license crisis.1997 – 1998 IT Group, Israel – T/o €12m, IT Solutions. Organization Development Manager: after acquisition management of IT R&D organization.1995 – 1997 AG Berlin – T/o €1.87bn, Systems engineering. Member of international BPR team/ Statutory & Operations and Director Amsterdam BV: turn around management, stop direct cash flow bleeding and further losses from non strategic R&D projects by project renegotiation.Management trainingManagement and Executive Training Course, Tom Peters Institute, San FranciscoOrganisational change, System theoretical Sciences, Leading task oriented groups, Coaching, Ontop of change, Interaction academy, Antwerp,1981-2010ITIL Foundations, PRINCE2 Foundations ( CCTA Service management) 2002PMI,SCRUM, Risk management, Kotter, LEAN training 2003 – 2010EducationLabour market politics, P&O, University of Tilburg 1981Doctoral Degree (M.A. Degree) in Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam 1986Financial modules MBA, Webster University Leiden 1997LanguagesFluent: Dutch, English, and GermanCompetent: FrenchPersonal informationName: Joan van HoofNationality: Dutch
  3. 3. Joan Van Hoof – Senior Executive Interim Manager Interim Projects Appendix 2001 - 20102010 – 2010 Province Belgium General Manager of Merging Process/Senior Adviser to Executive Director. • Brought a merger process in crisis back on track. Mentored Executive Director in working with Board (22members) on this crisis. • On Kotter analysis of merger: design and implementation of a change program in 12 project organizations on assigned merger tasks. • Negotiated and brought 3 accountancies into one SAP system. • Appointed new CEO and dismissed temporarily assigned incumbent. • Design of an innovative organization growth model 2010- 2016.
  4. 4. • Built a strong merger crisis team, led the organization through Phase I of established merger, attended strong emotions, merged immediately suitable tasks, managed an important police task force into obtaining the European Bachelor degree status, aligned merged organization accordingly.2009 – 2010 Ministry – Netherlands Lead Manager – Transformational Change • Start and finalisation of Phase I in a total business transformation process. Advised General Manager and management team during the process • Design and implementation of centralized Front Office, including efficiency in use of SAP. • Design and management of change program in 17 project organizations on assigned business transformation tasks. • Led redesign of business processes, introduction and implementation of Risk management • Developed reporting on business results, risks and quality indicators. • Aligned the organization in Front Office approach, closed 1 warehouse, reallocated resources and logistics resulting in annual cost reduction of € 6m and associated personnel cost reduction of €700K.2008 – 2009 Ministry – Netherlands Director – Transformational Change • Finalized implementation of a new state-secret-coded platform in crisis. • Implemented immediately SCRUM technique in final phase. • Solved IT personnel resistance, resulting in exit IT Head of department and redesign of IT department in service management approach including new IT business processes. • Led start of Change Advisory Board on all IT related projects, supervised CAB process descriptions. • Negotiated and managed system maintenance outsourcing contracts, including SLA’s • Finalized implementation, supervised relocation of organization, hired new Head of IT department.2008 – 2008 University Medical Centre – Netherlands IT Crisis Project Manager/Board Adviser • Crisis project management of implementation Sharepoint. • Researched project budget’s history shambles. Unmasked loss 0f €378K on original budget, defined finalization costs, wrote new PID, supervised the administering of project into SAP. • Stopped immediately payables to external provider. Renegotiated finalization payables with external provider at € 0. • Reanimated disappointed project team via Scrum and other management techniques, reanimated enthusiasm and repaired IT’s support role in the organization. • Got crisis project back on track for final implementation. Installed control over project finances. Restored internal relations.2005 – 2008 City Community – Residential Services–Netherlands Change Director
  5. 5. • Design and implement new organization model and work approach in contact centre, professionalized social endowment and social endowment fraud department. • Design, implementation and management of change program in 9 project organizations in social endowment and social endowment fraud departments. Phase I. Design, implementation and management of change program in 8 project organizations in Phase II. • Redesign of work processes, implemented changes in task approach. • Design and start of service management (one stop shop) within the organization, restyling of contact centre, introduction of self-learning database system in call centre, aligned specialists. • Managed major conflict in social endowment organization resulting in exit process of 9 Social Fraud Inspectors. • Managed a total business transformation program, reducing personnel costs by €600K, outsourced treatment of social endowment fraud to Social Intelligence Agency resulting permanently into annual cost reduction of €375K. Reduced fraud (by clients) from €3m back to €1m first year.2004 – 2005 Regional Police–Netherlands Transformation Manager • Mentoring General Manager and management team in employee versus management crisis and business transformation of Facility Company, led Logistics department. • Addressed employee protests in interview technique, design and implementation of plan of action to improve organization and management relations • Business transformation of logistics department. Implementation of supporting warehousing system Planon. Introduction of fleet management. Improved safety rulings on weaponry. • Attended complex HR files, among which extreme sickness leave, in ‘top’ group 31%. • Solved employee crisis. Introduced and implemented service management and shared service centers. Implemented Planon in warehouses. • Managed adoption of new working culture and practices. • Outsourced key activities in fleet management resulting into cost reduction of € 250K per year. • Downsized sickness leave in ‘top’ group by 30% and average over the total organization by 3%.2003 – 2004 Electronics company–Netherlands General Manager in turnaround • Research on survival possibilities for company in bankruptcy threat, general management in turn around process. • Renegotiated loan to allocate immediate cash to the company. Made immediate improvements on debtors ledger and stock administration. • Improved organization efficiencies in change management program in 6 project organizations in Phase I and 4 in Phase II. Design, implementation and management of change programs, during general management of the company. • Redesign of purchasing system MAX. Closed nonstrategic R&D developments. Professionalized R&D, sales- and account management via workshops. • Turned bankruptcy around, reshaped organization, improved efficiencies, converting losses of €480K into +€82K year 1. Obtained international ISO 9002, medical section certificate. Re established relationships with financers, investors and Board. Partnered
  6. 6. with external electronics company in purchase, resulting in cost reduction of €250K per year. Reduced extra time work for production unit, saving costs by €100K per year.2001 – 2003 Publishing multinational – Brussels IT Organizational Transformation Manager • IT organization transformation in multinational in financial trouble . • Immediate centralization of all IT employees spread over different publishing houses, including IT contractors. Inventory of work in progress. Abandoning of non strategic projects. Exited non performers, including contractors and management and restructured accordingly. • Design and implementation of change IT performance management program in 9 project organizations. • Led business transformation in IT organization. Led IT projects and established IT project priorities committee (heralding Change Advisory Board). • Hired new IT Director and coached his integration. • Implemented new efficiencies in IT organization, specifically planning and documenting of IT projects. • Significantly improved lines of communication across the multi national business. Reduced monthly IT organization cost by €600K.