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Eddie is ready


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Resource about kindergarten preparedness with additional resource list. This is a freebie brochure made especially for a elementary school's goals for their new students, emphasizing arts-based activities.

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Eddie is ready

  1. 1. KOENIG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Eddie is starting to learn. Eddie is Eddie counts to five and is learning to count to ten. Ready He prints large capital letters with pencil and crayon. Eddie is matching shapes, See you at school soon! colors, and textures. He makes a collage using magazine paper, material, Eddie hangs his drawings on the refrigerator tin foil, feathers, glue, for his people to see and talk about with him. and scissors. Further Reading Why Your Child Needs the Arts Advantage and How You Can Gain It (2000) Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement (2006) Reference List Ready at five partnership. (1992). Retrieved from http:// The task force on children’s learning and the arts: Birth to age eight. (1998). Report of the Arts Education Partnership on Young children and the arts: making creative connections. Retrieved from makes a collage and a story about it to act Illustrations by Joan Schloughout with his sister. Tel: 920 794 7522 KOENIG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Phone: 920-794-7522
  2. 2. Eddie can do small things. Eddie is hygienic. Blows his nose. Tying Sneezes in his elbow. Folding Uses the bathroom appropriately. Cutting Eddie Practices Writing and drawing Keeps his comb only for his hair. Washes his hands with soap. for School Eddie follows directions. Eddie explores things. Eddie practices getting ready Picks a story, brings He feels different textures. a pillow, and blanket.for school. Eddie’s mother has been He makes good guesses.helping him remember that when he is in He pretends. Eddie takes his dirtyschool things are different. “Eduardo,” dishes to the have to be patient. There will be Chooses socks, pants,other boys and girls, who need to have a and a shirt to wear.turn to use or say something.” Eddie’s Practices paintingmother helped him learn to tie his shoes and setting things upalready. He is very proud of all of the and putting things Eddie acts out his favorite story. Hesmall things and the big things he is back. made his own crown with a paper plate.learning to do. Eddie’s mother said,“Eduardo, practice a little every day and Eddie knows he will be responsiblethen one day things will be easier for to do these things at Koenig KOENIG ELEMENTARY SCHOOLyou.” So, that’s how Eddie learned to tie Elementary School.his shoes and how he is learning to write I will listen to adults.his name, hold crayons, and cut with I will respect materials. 1114 Lowell St. Two Rivers, WI 54241scissors. Now he is five-years-old and I will raise my hand in class. Phone: 920-794-7522ready to go to Koenig Elementary I will work well with friends. I will use my manners.School.