Learn About Online Social Media


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Learn About Online Social Media

  1. 1. Online Social Media WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? “Lately many people have been asking  "What is Online Social Media?",  "What's Twitter?" and a very common misconception "Why do people care that someone likes the colour blue today?" Online Social Media can ideas, improved customer service, • Expand your network through sound more complicated than it is. closer involvement with your identifying people of interest. customers and increased sales.  • Explore something you're In simple terms, it is like a interested in (a hobby, an highly refined magazine written You’re invited to a area of your business, a around your interests. Which “Introduction to Social cause you support). means it is fascinating reading, Media” session. Infinite • Have access to an ongoing quick learning and you also meet opportunities are coming learning network after the people who like reading your to life and we would love session. magazine. The magazine evolves to explore Online Social Media’s • Be involved in a conversation on as you contribute to it (and are value for you. what's coming, what's possible, seen as a respected author). Your November dates:  and the opportunities we see for ideas are unearthed, accepted, 6:00 - 8:00pm you, your business and our challenged and enhanced by Thursday 12th community. people interested in the same Wednesday 18th Come along, join in the fun, articles. If you’re interested in Monday 23rd expand your mind and enjoy time another magazine author, you Venue: with great people. can get to know them very quickly 412 Park St, South Melb and what’s of interest to them. ourne Samantha Bell Meeting face to face is then very & Joanne Spain focused as you've already had a So, why would you come Sam and Jo have a love for 'meeting of the minds'. along? anything digital combined with The tailored presentation of • See clever uses of Online Social strong business acumen and the ‘magazine’ leads to greater Media relevant to your work and experience. This combination efficiencies - including a reduction interests. affords clients fun experiences and in your emails. • Use Twitter, learn the language innovation. This, combined with and gain tips and tricks. a desire to empower others and Translated to a business • Learn how through Twitter you have them experience their best context, this means: increased can attract new clients through creates impressive results. employee engagement, great word positive word of mouth. of mouth, enhanced culture, new Be a part of the fun! Samantha Bell Joanne Spain Session Price: $150 plus GST sam@samanthabell.com.au joanne@joannespain.com   www.samanthabell.com.au www.joannespain.com Sessions will be up to 8 people Twitter: @samanthabell1 Twitter: @joannespain