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Happy Anniversary♥

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  1. 1. • L7k
  2. 2. Mom and Dad, your relationship taught me how to trust,take care of the ones you love and stay all throughout. It iswhat they call true love. Heres to two imperfect pieces whofit perfectly together. You have so many memories together,shared joys and sorrows seen dreams come true and thesome that didnt, and you’ve been though it all.
  3. 3. Not only do you twosay I love you toeach other but youtwo show it to oneanother. That meansso much more thenanything in the world.I couldn’t imageanyone else wholoves each othermore then you two
  4. 4. Its been 20 years and youre stilltogether days go by and each daykeeps getter better. Love keeps youhappy and it keeps your relationshipstrong Im so happy you have beentogether for this long.
  5. 5. Over time i’ve cOme tO realizejust how lucky I am to haveparents who share suchspecial love and even thoughi’ve always felt the lOve atthe heart of our family.
  6. 6. HappyAnniversarywith alifetime ofmemoriesand a heart
  7. 7. When I was young, MOM andDAD,I remember saying that I wouldnever leave your side,Now I have grown and see thelove you two share.I now realize that’s the way lifeis.I have learned so much from youtwo,I pleasure every moment I amwith you.God gave me a blessing,For having two loving parents asgreat and loving as you.You two are great and I am soproud or your 20th yeartogether!I love you both so much,And I hope for so many yearsfor you two together.;
  8. 8. The things you both do foreach other means so much.Like when mom calls dad every15 minutes when he is at workto see what he wants fordinner. Or when dad pretendsthat he doesn’t like momscorny things she does. (but weall know that he loves it and isjust as corny as her.)
  9. 9. I couldn’t ask for a better way to describeyour marriage ♥