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O365 Practical Adoption Strategies - HDI Regina Chapter


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Practical strategies to increase the level of adoption across Office 365. Lots of training ideas!

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O365 Practical Adoption Strategies - HDI Regina Chapter

  1. 1. A presentation by Joanne #wocintech
  2. 2. @JoanneCKlein Joanne Klein SharePoint/O365 consultant, Microsoft MVP Speaker , Trainer, Volunteer Saskatchewan SharePoint/O365 User Group
  3. 3. Why O365 Adoption? 3 Steps 10Tactics Feedback anytime!
  4. 4. It’s 100% about people 0% technology @buildbod aka Simon Denton You need to be able to answer the question from the business:What’s in it for me? @jasoosterveld aka Jasper Oosterveld Find a user’s ‘Ah Ha’ moment! @KirstyMcGrath13 aka Kirsty Find critical work to support w/O365 functionality.This incorporates it into daily workflow. Soon more work will follow @tgatte akaTreb Gatte Use O365 PowerBI end user adoption pack to measure user adoption and help focus efforts @CreanTim akaTim Crean Make it easy. If you don’t they will find something else that meets their needs and is easy for them to use. @percusn aka Liz Sundet **All replies shown at end
  5. 5. Don’t like it? Wait a day and it will change. @DanielGlenn aka Daniel Glenn
  6. 6. Adoptionofanew collaboration experienceisabout changinghuman behavior. This sounds simple but it’s not easy!
  7. 7. WhydoesO365Adoptionmatter? •Email, Chat & Documents are embedded in most organizations’ culture today •Used regardless of role and team •Opportunity for impact is high! •Poor adoption at-scale is $$$$
  8. 8. Firstthingsfirst Identify your stakeholders!  The sponsor  The face to the program  Prioritize business scenarios Identify your Adoption team!  TenantAdmin  Collaboration “experts”  In it for the long haul This is not a training exercise!
  9. 9. Adoption asa Service
  10. 10. Preparing for it Training for it Working with it
  11. 11. StayingAhead of the Curve Avoid the ShinyThing Syndrome Organizational Change Management 1 2 3
  12. 12. Previews Targeted Release O365 Message Center O365 Public Roadmap
  13. 13. Previews Targeted Release O365 Message Center O365 Public Roadmap
  14. 14. Previews Targeted Release O365 Message Center O365 Public Roadmap
  15. 15. Previews Targeted Release O365 Message Center O365 Public Roadmap
  16. 16. @regarding365 - “The week that was” on the O365 Message Center
  17. 17. Previews Targeted Release O365 Message Center O365 Public Roadmap
  18. 18. Previews Targeted Release O365 Public Roadmap O365 Message Center
  19. 19. Supported per program Some public Some private SLA varies
  20. 20. Previews Targeted Release O365 Public Roadmap O365 Message Center
  21. 21. Targeted Release O365 Public Roadmap O365 Message Center Previews Formerly “First Release”
  22. 22. TargetedRelease
  23. 23. Does the new feature address a need in your org? Will it replace an existing tool in your org? If new tool… do you have guidance/docs prepared?
  24. 24. HowcanOffice365makeusmoresuccessful? You need to leverage the Office 365 Advantages…
  25. 25. TheOffice365Advantages Collaboration tools Risk & Compliance Anywhere, anytime, any device Productivity Opportunities
  26. 26. LookforProductivityOpportunities! Project documents requiring approval from Project Review board. Tasks being tracked in an Excel Spreadsheet. Sign-up sheets for company events. Marketing photos being retained for company events. “Easywins”
  27. 27. Relate productivity opportunities/scenarios back to business goals Communicate and coordinate the change
  28. 28. Preparing for it Training for it Working with it
  29. 29. Adoption Centre Building Digital Literacy Train for where you’re coming from 4 5 6
  30. 30. Not just aTraining Centre! Also share success stories
  31. 31. Office 365 Adoption Centre
  32. 32. Use lots of training ideas to build it Incorporate each in your Adoption Centre Minimize frustration with technology
  33. 33. Identify key scenarios to train for Tie these to the business value of Office 365
  34. 34. Keep a project team in sync and on schedule Meet and collaborate with ease Support new employees in onboarding faster Typical scenarios
  35. 35. Make training sessions virtual Create a new-hire handbook in OneNote Store and share training resources in a central location Create a new-hire mentor network
  36. 36. • How to navigate and use a OneNote notebook • How to navigate a SharePoint document library, use views, etc. • How to use tags to filter documents in a SharePoint document library • How to use the new-hireYammer network • How to create & organize section/pages in a OneNote notebook • How to upload training material into SharePoint document library • How to tag content in a SharePoint document library • How to add the new-hire as a member of theYammer network • How to share the site with a new employee
  37. 37. Share the “EasyWins” in the Employee Success Stories tile so others can learn about them.
  38. 38. Written “how-to” Videos 100 and 200 level sessions Ask the Experts Hands-on practice
  39. 39. Tip Campaigns Targeted Skills/Role Training White glove service Training Fair 3rd party providers
  40. 40. “OfficeQuick Starts” on
  41. 41. Share links to content on OfficeQuick Starts directly from your Adoption Centre!
  42. 42. Less formal Great for “one-off” questions! Streamlines IT support distractions
  43. 43. Build an “Ask the Experts” page Add an Events web part to the page for upcoming “Ask the Experts” sessions. Add a Form to the page to request a topic for a future “Ask the Experts” session.
  44. 44. “How to use Delve” “Become a OneNote super-hero” “How to organize your Planner board” “Tips &Tricks in Outlook” “SharePoint Basics 1 and 2”
  45. 45. Record presentations, store in Stream! Record all questions during the presentation Have Q&A in aYammer Group to capture audience questions for others to see!
  46. 46. Embed the video (Streams web part) for your recorded sessions. Embed the Q&AYammer web part on the home page.
  47. 47. Learn best by doing! Make sure they know the support channels Prepare the Service Desk
  48. 48. Curate the content and assign a team Add a challenge to each tip Reward quick action with prizes 1. Tip sheet 2. Annotated screen shots 3. Step-by-step walkthrough 4. Short video “30 days of SharePoint” Gamification!
  49. 49. Dedicate a tile to the “Tip of the Day” Announce the prize winner here too!
  50. 50. 1 Identify roles and skills you want to train for 2 3 Build modern pages for content Tag pages with roles and skills 4 Show related training on one page “SharePoint Skills” “Skills for Customer-facing employees”
  51. 51. SharePointDelve Outlook Yammer SkypeTeams Planner OneDrive
  52. 52. Advertise upcoming training fair Have a form for demo suggestions from employees
  53. 53. Helpdesk Just-in-time training Custom skill paths
  54. 54. The “Basics” Best Practises Tell them about Help resources
  55. 55. Migrating from Shared Network Drive?
  56. 56. Highlight limitations of Shared Network drive
  57. 57. Have a “Best Practises” tile to assist in breaking old habits! Tag all pages with “Best Practises” to show together
  58. 58. Migrating from shared network drives? Migrating from another cloud provider? Migrating from another client app? G-suite to O365 Lotus Notes to Outlook
  59. 59. Search for “Switch to Office 365” on
  60. 60. Create relevant tiles on the Hero web part: “Moving from Google Docs to OneDrive” “Moving from Gmail to Outlook mail”
  61. 61. Preparing for it Training for it Working with it
  62. 62. IT Support for Office 365 Productivity Champions Use your voice Demonstrate ROI 7 8 9 10
  63. 63. Teach a man to fish
  64. 64. Hello, helpdesk. How can I assist you today? Hi Bob, it’s Mary. I’ve got a huge problem. Yes Mary, what is the problem? I haven’t been able to do my reports for a week! Why do you say that Mary? Give me more detail. My Excel program is missing. I think it was deleted. Hold on Mary. Let me remote into your machine and fix it for you. Bob Mary Credit: @tracyvds –Tracy van der Schyff
  65. 65. Credit: @tracyvds –Tracy van der Schyff
  66. 66. Credit: @tracyvds –Tracy van der Schyff
  67. 67. 1 Assist co-workers 2 4 Help w/ “What’s in it for me/my team?” Feedback channel to O365 team 3 Welcome new team members
  68. 68. 1 Comfortable with change 2 4 Resourceful They have the time 3 Technically savvy
  69. 69. 1 “Champion” training sessions 2 Feedback loop (Yammer network) 3 Set a finite term length
  70. 70. Sign up for the Global Office 365 Champion program!
  71. 71. Create a tile showcasing your Productivity Champions! Allow a spot for people to nominate Productivity Champions
  72. 72. Adoption Communication Collaboration Activation
  73. 73. • Attention views (Oct. 2017) • Custom column formatter (Oct. 2017)
  74. 74. • Attention views (Oct. 2017) • Custom column formatter (Oct. 2017) • Word SharePoint property pane (Jan. 2018) • Files on Demand (Windows 10 Fall Creators Update)
  75. 75. Preparing for it… Training for it… Working with it… Preparing for it Training for it Working with it
  76. 76. @JoanneCKlein Thank you! Questions?
  77. 77. 77ff780d-ab19-4553-adea-09cb65ad0f1f 4c48e6bc4bfb