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Navigating the mess of a Shared Network Drive Migration to SharePoint - SPS Burlington 2017


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I talk about common mistakes made when approaching a migration like this into SharePoint and some tips and advice to help set you up for success.

Published in: Technology
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Navigating the mess of a Shared Network Drive Migration to SharePoint - SPS Burlington 2017

  1. 1. Photo by Mark Solarski on Unsplash A presentation by Joanne Klein #SPSNE #WOCinTech
  2. 2. @JoanneCKlein Joanne Klein SharePoint/O365 consultant, Microsoft MVP Speaker , Trainer, Volunteer Saskatchewan SharePoint/O365 User Group
  3. 3. Why migrate? Common issues Useful tips Post-migration Q&A anytime!
  4. 4. Other than email, shared network drives/folders are the most deeply entrenched form of document storage.They're embedded in company culture. @mrshadeed aka Shadeed Q. Eleazer Can’t sell this as a technical win – it HAS to be painted as a productivity win with very clear and specific examples. @sympmarc aka Marc D Anderson Organizations I usually work with don’t understand “the art of possible” with SharePoint. @techChirag aka Chirag Patel The biggest roadblock is budget & time to train the users before migration. If you skip that users will not have a great experience. @KarelPelck aka Karel Pelckmans No one sees the benefit.They have been using shared folders for years and change is bad. @sympmarc aka Marc D Anderson
  5. 5. Whymigrate? •Cost •Minimize storage locations •SharePoint advantages
  6. 6. Whymigrate? •Cost •Minimize storage locations •SharePoint advantages You can’t sell this as a technical win!
  7. 7. TheSharePointAdvantages … make this much more than a technical migration project
  8. 8. TheSharePointAdvantages Co-authoring Version history/check-in/out Retention Controls Mobile & remote workers Productivity Opportunities
  9. 9. 1 Not treating this like a project 2 4 No governance for SharePoint Not looking for productivity wins 3 Taking a “lift and shift” approach 5 No/not enough training
  10. 10. Get the attention you deserve! Explain why this won’t happen overnight Shared drives aren’t going away! What’s in it for us?
  11. 11. Have a mess on your shared network drive? You now have a mess in SharePoint!Migrate “as is”
  12. 12. We don’t have time to clean it up now We’ll clean it up after we migrate No.You likely won’t.
  13. 13. SharePoint search is good – it will be able to find what we want in this mess It’s good. It’s notTHAT good.
  14. 14. Direct Indirect
  15. 15. Either way, you need an Owner!
  16. 16. Work with IM/RM teams
  17. 17. Plan. Plan. Plan. 5000
  18. 18. Remove duplicates
  19. 19. Know your limits Up to 15 GB per file < 100,000 files per library Sync performance Up to 1o GB per file Default: 2GB
  20. 20. " * : < > ? / | ~ " # % & * : < > ? / { | }. Identify these ahead of time!
  21. 21. < 400 <260 Nested folders are not your friend
  22. 22. Metadata can’t be read
  23. 23. Identify shared network drive folders Analyze content Meet with team and plan together Get a Lay of the Land
  24. 24. Backups Source Code Executables Installation files
  25. 25. Any files with Customer information
  26. 26. Videos Excel Spreadsheet Custom List
  27. 27. Audit the content Provide guidelines to the team Help them identify their buckets
  28. 28. Don’t just move the mess This will take time!
  29. 29. Have a “most deleted content” contest! Have a “team clean-up” day! Automatically delete duplicates
  30. 30. The Hoarders
  31. 31. Involve them in the planning process Spend extra time training them Advise on risk and compliance aspect Don’t die on this hill
  32. 32. Youendupwith4bucketsoffiles… Content to be migrated for active use Content to be migrated for archive use Content to be deleted Content to be retained but not in SharePoint
  33. 33. Migrate into new archive location LeaveArchive where it’s at
  34. 34. Migrate into new Information Architecture Map into new Information Architecture
  35. 35. • Corporate Portal1 • DivisionAreas2 • Project Sites/Workspaces3 • Team/Community Sites4 • Personal Sites5 Structure and Governance
  36. 36. • Corporate Portal1 • DivisionAreas2 • Project Sites/Workspaces3 • Team/Community Sites4 • Personal Sites5 Structure and Governance COLLABORATION LIVES HERE WORKPLACE DISRUPTION
  37. 37. Site Hierarchy Page layouts/web parts Document templates Site templates Overall taxonomy Site Columns Navigation Document libraries & lists Default metadata Content Types
  38. 38. • Can utilize “Managed metadata” in SharePoint • Look for re-usable terms across your environment • Provides consistency Managed Metadata Service Application SharePoint OnlineTerm Store
  39. 39. • Global navigation • Current (Quick Launch) navigation
  40. 40. • Site Collection advantages • Subsites or no subsites? • Communication Hub – announced at Ignite
  41. 41. • Publishing sites vs Collaboration sites • Re-usability – ContentType Hub limitations Warning! Custom content type in a library will remove the ability to select New Office types from the New button
  42. 42. • Create multiple libraries as required • Default as much metadata as you can • The “Shared Document” library Warning! Office 365 Group sites are only showing the “Shared Document” library in the Files tab.
  43. 43. • Associate templates to a content type • Consistent document format, integrate metadata properties using word parts.
  44. 44. • Publishing versus Collaboration site strategy • Classic versus Modern approach
  45. 45. Look for key processes on the team Interview content owners and Tools to help Document final design Start with existing folder structure
  46. 46. 1 Retention Controls 2 Security Controls
  47. 47. Decide what you are migrating into…
  48. 48. Credit: MattWade @thatmattwade
  49. 49. Decide what you are migrating into…
  50. 50. Leverage SharePoint capabilities Decide what you are migrating into…
  51. 51. 1 Version history 2 4 Content Approval Search 3 Metadata (with folders) 5 Retention
  52. 52. “I won’t do a migration project unless I can ALSO do a search project with it.” - Matthew McDermott
  53. 53. Entity Extraction (on-prem)
  54. 54. Entity Extraction • Infers the value of managed properties • Shows up as refiners in search results FinancialOrg “Product names” Educational Institutions “School names” Oil & Gas company “Oil wells”
  55. 55. Entity Extraction Step 1: Create a dictionary Step 2: Deploy the dictionary
  56. 56. Entity Extraction Step 3: Associate to managed property Full Crawl required!
  57. 57. Entity Extraction Step 4: Configure a refiner for WordPartCustomRefiner1
  58. 58. Entity Extraction (on-prem) Synonyms (on-prem)
  59. 59. Synonyms When you search for… VP HR SIN Also include results for… EVP,Vice President, ExecutiveVice President Human Resources Social Insurance Number
  60. 60. Synonyms STEP 1: Create a thesaurus file of synonyms STEP 2: Deploy with PowerShell Change is immediate!
  61. 61. Entity Extraction (on-prem) Synonyms (on-prem) Query rules (Online & on-prem)
  62. 62. Query Rules When anyone uses the search term ‘benefit’, show the HR Benefit Policy at the top of search results. When anyone uses an Office product name in their search, show theTraining Centre at the top of the search results.
  63. 63. Query Rules Set up managed term set Create site column for managed terms Tag content with terms
  64. 64. Could use this for: - Vacation policy - Benefits policy - Organization chart
  65. 65. Entity Extraction (on-prem) Synonyms (on-prem) Query rules (Online & on-prem) Display templates
  66. 66. DisplayTemplates “How you brand search results” • Start with one that is similar • Ensure all managed properties exist • Customize with html, css, javascript • Classic search experience only!
  67. 67. DisplayTemplate Examples • LeaseAgreements • Corporate budget documents • Customer contracts • Job Profiles
  68. 68. Lease Agreement DisplayTemplate
  69. 69. Budget Display Template
  70. 70. 1 Retention policy ** new 2 Retention labels ** new 3 Information Management Policy SPO SPO SPO and On-prem
  71. 71. Leverage SharePoint capabilities Identify 1 or 2 processes you can streamline **Quick wins Decide what you are migrating into…
  72. 72. 1 Approval workflow for docs being emailed around 2 4 Corporate event signup and reminder email Upload photos from loans officer directly to SharePoint 3 Create SharePoint lists to keep track of things 5 Sales team provides sales numbers to BI dashboard
  73. 73. 1 PowerApps 2 4 Power BI Workflows 3 Microsoft Flow
  74. 74. Retain metadata? Volume of content Who will do the migration? Complex mapping? “The migration option I pick depends on these factors…”
  75. 75. “SharePoint MigrationTool” by Microsoft FastTrack Metalogix Content Matrix DocAve Migrator Sharegate
  76. 76. Review migration report Mark source read-only or delete Get business sign-off
  77. 77. Themigrationis complete! Buttheworkisn’t done.
  78. 78. Adoptionofanew collaboration experienceisabout changinghuman behavior. This is simple but it’s not easy!
  79. 79. Highlight limitations of Shared Network drive
  80. 80. Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash
  81. 81. Help users with the Shared Network drive paradigm shift Show best practices
  82. 82. Office Adoption Centre
  83. 83. Title property Searches content and metadata “How to search” infographic
  84. 84. MattWade@thatmattwade
  85. 85. Files on Demand **Windows 10 Fall Update When to sync File Explorer doesn’t replace SharePoint!
  86. 86. The folder paradigm Filtering and grouping Use managed term sets where it makes sense
  87. 87. Replaces multiple copies of files No need to put version in the filename Show how to view / restore a previous version
  88. 88. Versioning Typical
  89. 89. • Attention views (Oct. 2017) • Custom column formatter (Oct. 2017) • Word SharePoint property pane (Jan. 2018) • Files on Demand (Windows 10 Fall Creators Update)
  90. 90. Where the rubber hits the road!
  91. 91. Storage reduced on network drives # teams moved to SharePoint # solutions built % of content covered w/ retention
  92. 92. Compliance Score • Shows all controls you have configured in your tenant • Real-time risk assessment • Actionable insights to improve your score • Sign up for preview program of Compliance Manager (Starts Nov 2017)
  93. 93. ?
  94. 94. Thank you! @JoanneCKlein
  95. 95. • SharePoint Online limits: 8f34ff47-b749-408b-abc0-b605e1f6d498 • SharePoint On-premises limits: us/library/cc262787(v=office.16).aspx • Working with large lists and libraries in SharePoint: us/article/Manage-large-lists-and-libraries-in-SharePoint-b8588dae-9387-48c2-9248-c24122f07c59?ui=en- US&rs=en-US&ad=US • Invalid filename and filetype in SharePoint Online: us/article/Invalid-file-names-and-file-types-in-OneDrive-OneDrive-for-Business-and-SharePoint- 64883a5d-228e-48f5-b3d2-eb39e07630fa • Thesaurus links: • • • • Search infographic: • Compliance Manager preview program:
  96. 96. $searchServiceApp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication Import-SPEnterpriseSearchCustomExtractionDictionary –SearchApplication $searchServiceApp –Filename <path> –DictionaryName <dictionaryname> Where <path> is a UNC filename <dictionaryname> is Microsoft.UserDictionaries.EntityExtraction.Custom.WordPart.n (where n is 1,2,3,4 or 5)
  97. 97. $searchapp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication Import-SPEnterpriseSearchThesaurus –SearchApplication $searchapp -Filename <Path>