First nine weeks curriculum


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First nine weeks curriculum

  1. 1. English II Curriculum Guide Lewis County High School 2011-2012Thematic Unit: What is Equality? Is it real? Which is more vital for equality—the group or the individual?August 2011 Deconstructed Targets AssessmentWeeks one--two: introduction to root words Recognize patterns of word changes that indicate Multiple-choice quiz each quarterindependent study different meanings or parts of speech Short Essay Shared Inquiry Discussion CriteriaStandard 10.4 Apply context cluesDetermine or clarify the meaning of unknown and Choose flexibly from a range of vocab strategies to I Can Statements:multiple-meaning words and phrases determine or clarify the meaning of an unknown or Use Greek and Latin root words to help decode multiple meaning word or phrase new wordsStandard 10.2Determine a theme or central idea of a text and Identify the central idea or theme I can identify the specific theme in a story andanalyze in detail its development over the course distinguish that theme from a broad moral.of a text, including how it emerges and is shaped Analyze how the theme emerges and is refined byand refined by specific details; provide an specific details I can identify the specific details that indicate aobjective summary of the text. particular theme. Compose a summary that • Identifies the central idea I can explain how a theme begins to develop, how • How it emerges, is developed and clarified it grows and how it is made clear to the audience.Standard 10.1Initiate and participate effectively in a range of I can participate in shared inquiry discussion, whichcollaborative discussions includes --using evidence from the text to support my ownRespond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives, thinkingsummarize points of agreement and --challenging others’ lack or use of evidencedisagreement --responding to and building on others’ thinking --using appropriate protocol for the shared inquiryChallenge ideas and conclusions processVehicles Bellwork: Review Theme activity: Casey at Bat and themeWord Within the Word Materials Standard 2 Activities“Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Semicolon use Shared Inquiry, Theme Selection, Associations Independent clauses Examples and Non-examples of theme Conjunctive adverb
  2. 2. English II Curriculum Guide Lewis County High School 2011-2012August 2011Weeks three-four Assessment:10.9 Analyze seminal U.S. documents of historical Identify the purpose and historical significance of Discussion,and literary significance, including how they Dr. King’s letteraddress related themes and concepts. Writing to Demonstrate Learning Identify key ideas and details which provideDraw evidence from literary or informational evidence to support conclusions about the text Reading and Responding Guidetexts to support analysis, reflection and research. Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what I can identify several reasons Dr. King’s letter is a the text says explicitly significant U.S. document. Analyze key ideas and details in a text as evidence I can explain how Dr. King demonstrated for support of understanding of the extent to awareness of his audience in his use of tone, which the author understands and meets the allusions, and diction. needs of his audience10.4 Determine the meaning of words of words I can outline the author’s claim and argument.and phrases as they are used in a text, includingfigurative, connotative, technical meanings. I can explain why Dr. King’s literary techniques were significant for his audience.Analyze the cumulative effect of word choices onmeaning and tone. Using a colon to introduce a list, quotationSeptember 2011 Identify organization patterns (cause/effect, Assessment:
  3. 3. English II Curriculum Guide Lewis County High School 2011-2012Weeks one-two chronological, sequential, order of importance, Writing to Demonstrate Learning logical, etc.)10.3 Identify paragraph development strategies (facts,Analyze how the author unfolds an analysis or statistics, examples, anecdotes) I can explain why the author’s choice ofseries of ideas or events, including the order in organizational pattern is appropriate for his or herwhich the points are made, how they are Determine the main idea or events message.introduced and developed, and the connectionsthat are drawn between them. Examine the strategies the author uses to I can identify specific points used with specific introduce and develop points patterns/development strategies. Analyze the author’s use of organizational patterns I can consider the author’s purpose behind specific and techniques to connect ideas and communicate use of language and overall message Draw inferences from the text to support textual analysisVehicles: “My Daily Dives in the Dumpster” Lars Bellwork: Misspellings, italics vs quotationsEighner Reading drills“A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan SwiftDumpster Chef video clipVarious Clips of other textsUnit: Where the rubber meets the road—creating a product to apply what we’ve learned.September weeks three-four Determine organization of complex ideas Assessment: Product
  4. 4. English II Curriculum Guide Lewis County High School 2011-2012 Determine appropriate10.2 Formatting/organization I can determine an appropriate, fairly complex topic to develop for a specific audience. (peers,Introduce a topic: organize complex ideas and Graphics, multimedia to aide comprehension academia, local community, national,etc)information to make important connections and Determine: well-chose, relevantdistinctions Facts, definitions, details, quotations appropriate I can determine what facts are relevant andDevelop the topic with well-chosen, relevant to the audience’s knowledge of the topic appropriatefacts, etc. Determine an effective conclusion With guidance, I can locate sources to findProvide a concluding statement that follows fromand supports the explanation supporting information Introduce a topic and organize complex ideas, concepts and information to make important I can plan a conclusion that will leave my readers connections and distinctions with closure, and reiterate my purpose Include formatting, graphics and multimedia when I can choose and use organization patterns appropriate appropriate for my purpose and audience I can choose and incorporate appropriate text features, graphics, and if necessary, multimedia, that will enhance readers’ interest and understanding of the text.Resources: Peer conferencing, blog,Unit: Experiences that Matter
  5. 5. English II Curriculum Guide Lewis County High School 2011-2012October 2011 Weeks one-three Identify complex characters in a text Multiple Choice Assessment10.3 Evidence of character complexity Formative Writing to Demonstrate LearningAnalyze how complex characters (e.g., those with Theme I can identify and explain what makes Lemuelmultiple or conflicting motivations) develop of Gulliver a complex characterthe course of a text, interact with other Analyze how the character changes or evolves overcharacters, and advance the plot or develop the the course of a text I can explain three specific changes Gulliver ‘stheme. character experiences, and what points his Explain how characters’ motivations/traits affect character changes10.5 plot I can explain Gulliver’s conflict and motivationIdentify aspects of text’s structure Describe the conflicts and motivations in character I can explain how the plot develops along withDescribe the effects created by the author such as Analyze how the character(s)’ conflictions, Gulliver’s charactermystery, tension, surprise. motivations, and interactions advance the plot or theme. I can comprehend the author’s use of first-person10.10 narrative. Identify and comprehend in literary text: key ideasRead and comprehend complex literary and and details, craft and structure, integration of I can interpret what the author wants to sayinformational texts independently and knowledge and ideas. regarding (integration of ideas) law, war, socialproficiently. strata, work, and more.Vehicle: Gulliver’s Travels A Voyage to the Country Bellwork:of the Houhnhnymns.Support: Clips from filmActivities: Discussion, Jigsawing, Presentation,Associations SheetExamine elements of a narrative