Oxford Official Walking Tours 2012


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The best way to discover Oxford is on foot!

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Oxford Official Walking Tours 2012

  1. 1. What better way to discover Our regular tours are: University and City Tourour beautiful city than on foot? This is our most popular introductory tour, taken by the majority of visitors.The guide will lead you through the heart of the historic city centre, illustrating the history of Oxford and its University and describing the architecture and traditions of its most famous buildings and institutions. This tour departs daily at 10.45am and 1pm (except on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day) with additional tours at 11am and 2pm to meet demand.Tours at 10.45am and 2pm may include the Divinity School except on a Saturday. Access to the Divinity School is confirmed on Friday for the following week and tickets are made available then. This tour is also available in other languages at 1.30pm on the dates below: In German on Saturday 7th July Saturday 4th August In Spanish on Sunday 15th July Sunday 12th August In French on Saturday 21st July Saturday 18th August Inspector Morse Tour Follow in the footsteps of the city’s celebrated TV detective and his successor, Lewis, created by Oxford author Colin Dexter. Visit the scenes of their best-known cases with lots of lively anecdotes along the way. This tour departs at 1.30pm every Saturday throughout the year and every Monday and Friday between March and September. Family Tour E FEE NTRA Fun for all the family! Take part in this informal tour and shareOur Official Guided S IN NCE If you live locally or have visited before, you may already in a light-hearted look at the surprises and delights Oxford has CLU to offer children and adults alike. Have even more fun with ourWalking Tours are DED know a lot about the University and student life. So we free activity sheet and pencil! This tour departs at 1.30pm Oan enjoyable and SMA invite you to discover more about this fascinating city during the school holidays. FRI LL E on one of our Themed Tours. There is a tour forinteresting way WITNDLY AND From Toto explore our BLU H OF TOUR everyone, from Stained Glass to Gardens; from Magic, February Monday 13th Friday 17th E F Sbeautiful city, its BAD OR G ICIAL Murder and Mayhem to Science; from Pottering in April Monday 2nd Friday 6thhistory, University, GE G REE Harry’s Footsteps to Oxford Children’s Stories... June Monday 4th Friday 8th UID Nfamous people and ES Your official Blue or Green Badge guide July Monday 23rd Friday 27thodd traditions. will be delighted to answer any questions along August Mondays & Wednesdays only October Monday 29th 2nd NovemberWe have a wonderful the way and will take you to Oxford’s mostselection of tours. If this is your first visit to Oxford,we suggest you start with the University and famous sights, and also reveal the hidden treasures in tucked away lanes and passages. Please see inside for a fullCity Tour, an excellent introduction to Oxford. listing of our Themed ToursAlternative Tours General InformationAlice in Waterland Tour – 150th Anniversary Walk • Tours are limited to a maximum of 19 people except for theJoin local historian and author, Mark Davies, on a city and Garden Tour (maximum 14).river walk which marks the first telling of Alice’s Adventures in • Visitors in wheelchairs are welcome to join our tours but accessWonderland. Discover the essential role played by the River Thames to some colleges may be restricted.in inspiring the stories and in the friendship between Lewis Carroll • Children (under 16 years old) must be accompanied by an adult (maximum 2 children per adult).and Alice Liddell. See Victorian Oxford through their eyes. This touris 1.5 hours long and departs at 1.30pm. • A portable hearing loop is available on request (subject to availability). Programme • Guide dogs are allowed on the tours. Dates Sunday 25th March Prices Adult £6.50 Length of tours 2012 Sunday 3rd June Child £3.75 All tours cover between 1 and 2 miles and last 2 hours except the Saturday 30th June Family tour which is 1.5 hours. Sunday 15th July Sunday 5th August Adult Senior/ Child Prices Student University and City Tour £8.00 £7.50 £4.50 Rocking in Oxford Tour University and City Tour with £8.50 £8.00 £5.00 Divinity School Your tour guide Trevor Hayward, a writer and a musician, will take you around the sites where stars such as The Beatles, University and City Tour £8.00 £7.50 £4.50 in French, German and Spanish Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd played in Oxford. This tour is 1.5hrs long and departs at 2.15pm. Family Tour £6.50 £6.00 £3.75 Inspector Morse Tour £8.50 £8.00 £5.00 Dates Prices Sunday 8th April Adult £6.50 Themed Tours except the one below £8.50 £8.50 £5.75 Sunday 20th May Child £3.75 Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps £12.00 £12.00 £8.00 Sunday 24th June Admission fees are included in the price Sunday 8th July Sunday 5th August Meeting point All tours start outside the Visitor Information Centre. Access to Colleges Colleges and other University buildings are privately owned and therefore subject to unannounced closures at short notice. How to book We suggest that you book in advance to guarantee a place on any of our tours. In person: At the Visitor Information Centre, 15–16 Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AS. Telephone: You can book in advance on 01865 252200. © Arka Cartographics 10/10 A £1 booking fee is applicable. Online: www.visitoxfordandoxfordshire.com/tours at least 12 hours in advance. Private We can pre-book private tours for individuals Tours: or groups. Please contact the Tours Co-ordinator on 01865 252037 or wtours@oxford.gov.ukVisitor Information Centre to discuss your requirements.15–16 Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3ASwww.visitoxfordandoxfordshire.com/tours www.visitoxfordandoxfordshire.com/tours
  2. 2. FebruarySaturdayFridaySaturday 4th 10th 18th C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Tour Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour When Alice Met Harry Tour Themed Tours 2012Saturday 25th Oxford Children’s Stories Tour Tours depart at 1.45pm unless otherwise specifiedMarchFriday 16th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps TourSaturday 17th C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien TourSaturday 24th Plaques of Oxford TourSunday 25th Literary TourFriday 30th When Alice Met Harry TourSaturday 31st Religion at Oxford TourAprilThursday 5th William Morris & Victorian Oxford TourSunday 8th Oxford’s Olympic History TourFriday 13th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps TourSaturday 14th C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien TourSaturday 21st Oxford Film Sites TourSunday 22nd Literary TourSaturday 28th Stained Glass TourMaySunday 6th Gargoyles & Grotesques TourMonday 7th Oxford’s Olympic History TourFriday 11th When Alice Met Harry TourFriday 18th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps TourFriday 25th Stained Glass TourSaturday 26th Tudor Oxford TourJuneFriday 1st When Alice Met Harry TourSaturday 2nd Stained Glass TourMonday 4th C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien TourFriday 8th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps TourFriday 22nd Civil War TourSaturday 23rd Magic, Murder & Mayhem TourSunday 24th Oxford’s Olympic History Tour C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Tour Oxford West End TourFriday 29th William Morris & Victorian Oxford Tour Two university lecturers and friends, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, wrote The Western Quarter of Oxford is one of the city’s little known secrets some of the most popular books of the 20th century. Share the containing a late 18th century prison, now a hotel, and the remains of aSaturday 30th Garden Tour environment in which they studied, lived and spent their leisure time in Norman Castle. There is evidence of occupation from the Bronze AgeJuly their beloved Oxford. and the Roman period and of early Anglo Saxon settlements. The tour offers riveting stories of the area’s long history and its ancient buildingsMonday 2nd William Morris & Victorian Oxford Tour Civil War Tour where friars lived and beer was brewed.Friday 6th Oxford Children’s Stories Tour Oxford in the Civil War was at the centre of the national stage, with KingSaturday 7th Oxford West End Tour (3pm) Charles making his headquarters at Christ Church. Ramparts enclosed the Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps TourMonday 9th Science at Oxford Tour city, college silver was melted down to make coins and Oxford became a Tour the locations where memorable Harry Potter scenes were inspiredFriday 13th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour garrison rather than a university town. Join this tour to hear more about and shot and enter the magical wizarding world yourself. life in Oxford during the Civil War.Saturday 14th Gargoyles & Grotesques Tour (3pm) Religion at Oxford TourSunday 15th The Jericho Tour (3pm) Garden Tour Join this tour to learn how religion and faith shaped the early University.Monday 16th Stained Glass Tour Oxford is full of gardens and parks such as the vast expanse of Christ Follow in the footsteps of the martyrs, the founders of Methodism, theFriday 20th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour Church Meadow, the delightful University Parks and the unique Botanic Oxford Movement, and Oxford’s recent saints.Saturday 21st Religion at Oxford Tour Garden, as well as many hidden college gardens. Enjoy their varied beautySaturday 21st Plaques of Oxford Tour (3pm) in all seasons from stunning carpets of spring bulbs, through magnificent Science at Oxford Tour summer herbaceous borders to glorious autumn leaves. Take a fascinating tour about the study of science at Oxford. By the 14thSunday 22nd Magic, Murder & Mayhem Tour Gargoyles & Grotesques Tour century Oxford was famous for the work of Bacon and Grosseteste andMonday 23rd C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Tour for developments in mathematics and astronomy. The 17th century sawFriday 27th Tudor Oxford Tour Symbols, emblems, motifs, animals and demons cling to the roofs and walls Harvey, Boyle, Hooke and Halley make their ground-breaking discoveries.Saturday 28th Oxford Film Sites Tour of buildings in Oxford. Medieval and modern stonemasons used In the 20th century, it was the penicillin scientists under Professor Florey imagination and humour in creating a wealth of amazing stone carvings. Let who made the greatest impact. Find out about Oxford’s role at theSaturday 28th Oxford’s Olympic History Tour (3pm) our guide highlight the inventiveness and delights to be seen. Bring your leading edge of science right up to the 21st century.Sunday 29th Literary Tour binoculars!Monday 30th Women in Oxford Tour Stained Glass Tour Jewish Heritage TourAugust Walk around what was once the medieval Jewish Quarter and learn The city of Oxford has some of the finest stained glass in the UK. AlmostFriday 3rd Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour every style and period of English glass-painting is represented, from about Jewish life in the city and significant events before the expulsion medieval to modern, including particularly beautiful 17th century windowsSaturday 4th Stained Glass Tour of 1290. Come up to date with the story of the Jewish population since and a wealth of 19th century glass by William Morris and Co. Enjoy theSaturday 4th Magic, Murder & Mayhem Tour (3pm) the 17th century re-admission and remarkable facts about the Jewish opportunity of seeing some fascinating craftsmanship. Bring your binoculars!Monday 6th C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Tour contribution to Oxford University in the 20th century.Friday 10th William Morris & Victorian Oxford Tour Literary Tour The Jericho TourSaturday 11th Oxford West End Tour (3pm) Over the centuries many famous writers: poets, novelists, critics and Jericho, Oxford’s first suburb to the north-west of the city, is less knownSunday 12th Literary Tour children’s authors have studied or lived in Oxford. Explore this rich than other parts of Oxford but not lacking in history and stories. Home heritage with one of our knowledgeable guides. of Oxford University Press and the remarkable church of St Barnabas, itFriday 17th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour also encompasses the Oxford Canal, St Sepulchre’s Cemetery, and wasSaturday 18th Oxford Film Sites Tour Magic, Murder & Mayhem Tour used as a setting for Thomas Hardy’s “Jude the Obscure”, the InspectorSunday 19th Gargoyles & Grotesques Tour Morse murders and Philip Pullman’s Lyra stories. An alternative tour of Oxford to find out about secret societies,Monday 20th Oxford’s Olympic History Tour alchemists, martyrs, traitors, rogues and criminals. Discover too, one of the Tudor Oxford Tour Tudor Oxford TourFriday 24th world’s largest collections of amulets, talismans and magical items.Saturday 25th Science at Oxford Tour The Tudor period roughly coincided with the great change in church life Oxford’s Olympic History Tour known as the Reformation. Walk and hear history in the making inSaturday 25th The Jericho Tour (3pm) Oxford, from Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries, Queen Mary’s Both Oxford Town and Gown have long sporting traditions. The citySeptember has produced many eminent rowers, athletes and household sporting persecution of Protestants for their faith, to Queen Elizabeth I’s encouragement of University revival.Saturday 1st Plaques of Oxford Tour names. Join a walking tour of the city and learn about Oxonian Olympic gold medallists such as Stephanie Cook, David Hemmings, Jack LovelockFriday 7th When Alice Met Harry Tour and Matthew Pinsent. When Alice met Harry TourSaturday 15th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour Alice in Wonderland was inspired by Alice Liddell. She spent her early yearsFriday 21st Literary Tour Oxford Children’s Stories Tour in Oxford, and her friendship with Charles Dodgson, better known asFriday 28th Jewish Heritage Tour Explore the Oxford of Alice and the Dodo, Lyra & Will, Prince Caspian Lewis Carroll, led to the writing of the two Alice books. AnotherSaturday 29th Oxford Film Sites Tour & Aslan, characters created by well-known Oxford authors in Alice in favourite, Harry Potter, appeared here when some of his film scenes Wonderland, His Dark Materials trilogy (filmed as The Golden Compass) and were shot in Oxford locations. Join this tour to explore their worlds ofSunday 30th C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Tour wonder and wizardry. The Chronicles of Narnia. Delight in the make-believe, as you discoverOctober places which inspired Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis and Philip Pullman William Morris & Victorian Oxford TourFriday 5th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour amongst others. The Pre-Raphaelites were closely connected with Oxford. EdwardSaturday 6th C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Tour Oxford Film Sites Tour Burne-Jones and Morris studied here, and together with Holman HuntSunday 14th Gargoyles & Grotesques Tour Oxford is one of Britain’s busiest and most instantly recognisable film and they left the city with some outstanding artistic works. Join a tour withFriday 19th Oxford Children’s Stories Tour TV drama locations. See the backdrop for historical re-creations emphasis on this delightful period of Victorian art.Saturday 27th Oxford Film Sites Tour and literary adaptations from fantasies to thrillers. Hear of the links withSunday 28th Magic, Murder & Mayhem Tour some of the biggest names in cinematic history. Women in Oxford Tour Learn about the many women connected with Oxford and how womenNovember Plaques of Oxford Tour fought to become accepted as full members of the University. FromFriday 9th Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour The many and varied plaques adorning the buildings and monuments of St Frideswide, Patron Saint of Oxford, to Empress Matilda; from DorothySaturday 10th Stained Glass Tour Oxford are a delightful and beguiling feature of the city. Each brief Wadham, college founder, to future Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher, inscription hides a fascinating story. Join this walk to find out more about Indira Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto; from authors Dorothy L. Sayers and IrisSaturday 17th When Alice Met Harry Tour the amazing men and women commemorated in the plaques and the Murdoch to Barbara Pym, Oxford owes much to its women and theirSunday 18th C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien Tour events which shaped Oxford’s history. story is a fascinating one. www.visitoxfordandoxfordshire.com/tours