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Aug 2012 newsletter


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Aug 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. MCAS Cherry Point EFMP Connections Back to School Time: Are You Prepared? JoAnne Bielecki, EFMP Training, Education & OutreachThe “Back to School” season is here. Stores are advertising sales, consider making an appointment to meet your child’s teacher andschools are providing supplies lists, and summer activities are visit the classroom at an alternate time. This practice often allevi-winding down. For parents of children with special needs, pre- ates the child’s anxiety.paring for the upcoming school year involves more than checkingoff a supply list and buying the children new pairs of shoes. Start- Prepare your child’s a new school year can come with increased anxiety. Howev- It is beneficial to communicate with your child’s teacher prior toer, there are things you can do to minimize the stress and pre- the first day. You may consider creating a one page document ofpare your children (and their teachers) for a successful academic helpful information. For instance, you may include your child’syear. medication and medication schedule, their diet restrictions, any physical limitations, some strategies that motivate your child toGet your child back on schedule. work, ideas for rewards, your child’s strengths, and basic infor-The night before school starts is not the best time to change your mation about your child’s condition. Many websites, such aschild’s bedtime schedule. You can help your child re-set their, provide letters to print and hand to teach-internal clock by gradually adjusting their sleep schedule. A week ers that explain the disability and offer suggestions to use withbefore school starts, move up bedtime by 15 to 30 minutes. It is students who have particular special needs. Educating your child’salso important to wake up your children earlier to help them teacher and establishing a relationship will help your child easeadjust to a new “start” time. You may need to motivate your into their first day of out of bed by giving them a reason to wake up in the morn-ing. An outdoor activity is recommended because early morning Be a good role model.sun can help re-set one’s internal clock. It is also important that Preparing yourself may very well be the hardest part of the transi-kids get enough sleep each night. School age children need 9 to tion “back to school”. Just remember that children often mimic12 hours of nightly sleep. the reactions of their caregivers. If you stay positive, are encour- aging and act enthusiastically about the new school year, thenYou can help your children adapt to their new school schedule by your child is likely to follow your example.establishing a consistent homework time at least a week beforeschool begins. Daily, children should use this set time to work on For more information about special education or any other issuehomework or, if they do not have an assignment, the children related to children with special needs, please contact the Excep-should use this “quiet time” to read or do a fun educational activi-ty. You may be able to avoid the “homework battle” if you estab- tional Family Member Program at 252-466-3305.lish these routines prior to the start of the school year.Prepare your child for changes.You can help your child transition back to school by familiarizingthem with the location, the people, and the routine. If your childwill be riding the school bus, then practice walking them to thebus stop. If your child will be a car rider, then take him/her toschool in the car. It is encouraged that you and your child visitthe school and arrange a visit with your child’s teacher prior tothe first day. Most schools have an open house but these eventsare often a sensory overloading nightmare. If you have a childwho becomes overwhelmed in crowded and noisy environments,
  2. 2. Upcoming EventsTuesday 7 August—Weekly Story Time for Children— 1000 at the Station Library.Wednesday 8 August—EFMP Playground Playgroup—Please join us at 0900 at the EFMP playground (weather permitting). It is a goodtime to meet new friends, let your children play, and enjoy the sunshine.Saturday 11 August—Sensory Friendly Movie—Ice Age Continental Drift, 1000 at the Carmike Cinema, Jacksonville, NC (directly behindJacksonville Mall). Enjoy the movie in a comfortable and accepting environment. The auditorium will have the lights brought up and the soundsturned down, and no previews or advertisements will be shown before the movie. Additionally, Carmike’s “Silence is Golden” policy will notbe enforced unless the safety of the audience is questioned.Tuesday 14 August—EFMP Social Group—Please join us at Joe’s Coffeehouse on base between 1000 and 1200. It is a great way to meetother adults, learn about various local services, and enjoy a cup of coffee.Tuesday 14 August—Weekly Story Time for Children— 0330 at the Station Library.Tuesday 21 August—Weekly Story Time for Children— 1000 at the Station Library.Wednesday 22 August—EFMP Playground Playgroup—Please join us at 0900 at the EFMP playground (weather permitting). It is a goodtime to meet new friends, let your children play, and enjoy the sunshine.Thursday 23 August—Family Night at the Craven-Cherry Point Child Development Center—1800-2000. Come to a Parent PotLuck Social Meeting and Sib Shop. Additional childcare is provided. Call to reserve your slot at 252-447-3892.Monday 27 August—1st Day of School (Traditional School Calendar)Tuesday 28 August—Weekly Story Time for Children— 0330 at the Station Library. School Liaisons – Bridging the Gap Between Home and SchoolThere are currently 1.2 million military children of active duty members worldwide and nearly 80% of military children attendpublic schools throughout the United States. These military children have experiences that are unique to their non-militarypeers. They deal with frequent moves and are repeatedly separated from caregivers who are deployed. These life events can bestressful for the child and impact their social and academic functioning. However, there are supports available through theSchool Liaison and Military Liaison programs.The School Liaison Officer is available to assist service members and their families with school-related questions at Building 1,MCAS Cherry Point. The School Liaison can: Answer questions about school enrollment options Provide information about local schools and boundaries Assist with inbound/outbound school transfers Help you understand and navigate the special education process Provide resources for college readiness Assist with agency referrals and much more!For more information, please contact Donna Bagley (School Liaison Officer) at 252-466-4196.The Military Liaison Counselor serves military-connected students and families by working collaboratively with individualschools, MCAS Cherry Point, and community agencies. The Military Liaison can: Assist families in navigating the school system Work collaboratively with schools to address transitions that become a challenge for military students (educational records, enrollment, graduation requirements, placement and attendance, etc) Consult with military families to provide support and resources during deployment and traumatic events Provide informational sessions or staff developments on the needs of “the military student” Provide guidance, support, and resources to school personnel regarding the healthy and emotional development of the mili- tary child Encourage partnerships between schools and military unitsThe Military Liaison Counselor for the Craven County School District is Lisa Boyette. Please feel free to contact Ms. Boyette at252-444-7209 or .
  3. 3. Common Education Standards: What You Need to KnowUntil recently, the educational standards across states and expectations about what knowledge and skills stu-varied widely. A student who was considered dents, grades K-12, need in English-language arts and“proficient” in an academic subject in one state may have mathematics. The idea is simple: All U.S. students, re-received “basic” or “partial mastery” marks in another gardless of their background or location, need to masterstate. The inconsistency of these educational standards similar skills. So far, 48 states, including North Carolina,had greatly impacted military families, who move an aver- and the District of Columbia have fully implemented theage of every 2.9 years. Children were sometimes forced CCSS skip or repeat courses when they moved into a newstate with different standards than their last school. This If you have any questions or concerns about your child’ssituation prevented many of our mobile students from educational experience, please feel free to contact thegraduating on time, and may have even lead others todrop out of school. School Liaison Officer for support, information, or refer- ral. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) helps to address this problem. The CCSS are a clear set of goalsCook’s Corner Cherry Point EFMP Staff Family Case WorkerAre you looking for healthy snacks for your children? Leafa PalmerHere are 3 nutritious ideas! 252.466.2568 Training Education and OutreachNutella and Banana Graham Cracker Treat JoAnne BieleckiSnap a graham cracker into 4 pieces. Spread a small amount of 252.466.3305Nutella on each piece. Plop a banana on the top and eat! Administrative Assistant Lisa SadlerFruit Salad Ice Cream Cone 252.466.3305Fill an ice cream cone with your favorite sliced fruit. Top witha dollop of yogurt (or frozen yogurt). Office Hours 0730 until 1630 Monday through FridayCheese WrapWrap a slice of deli meat around a mozzarella cheese stick for Come visit us!a protein packed snack. We are located in the Resource and Referral Building 236, on 4th Ave. (off of C Street)..
  4. 4. EFMP Lending Library Did you know that the Cherry Point EFMP has a lending library? The library contains a wide variety of books, DVDs, sensory equipment, and self help items that are available for check out. The library is located in your Family Case Worker, Leafa Palmer’s office. Stop in any time from 0730 until 1630, Monday through Friday to check out our resources!Free Online Tutoring and Homework Help We Need Your Feedback! for Students in U.S. Military Families What would you like to see in our next Cherry Point EFMP Connections newsletter?The for Military Families program helps studentsof all skill levels—from elementary to advanced—in more Do you have any article ideas or favoritethan 16 subjects in math, science, social studies and English. recipes you would like to submit? If so, is especially beneficial for students in grades K-12 email or callwho need help with schoolwork when a parent is deployed 252.466.3305.or when moving and changing schools. Also, let us know if you have suggestions or requests for a family event or a workshop topic. We are here to serve you and we want to meet your family’s needs!EFMP WebinarsMilitary OneSource is offering a number of webinars that may be of interest to our EFMP community.Topics include: IEP on the move Person Centered planning Disability related emergency Guardianship and estate planning...and others.The link below will take you to registration for these upcoming webinars.,UT,LG,CID,TID:Army Active,Member,EN,, FIVE GUYS BURGERS and FRIES Now Open! Bldg#4535, Carteret Road - Next to the Naval Clinic Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm Phone: (252) 444-2500