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Future of learning


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Talks on the future of learning in work, play and beyond.

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Future of learning

  1. 1. How many people will the UK need to train to meet 2020’s demand for digital skills? Question Stateoflearningin2020 . . . . . . .
  2. 2. 2.3 million Source: O2 research Answer . . . . . . . Stateoflearningin2020
  3. 3. Worldwide revenues for game-based learning products reached £1.9 billion in 2016. How much is it predicted to surge to by 2020? Question . . . . . . . Stateoflearningin2020
  4. 4. £5 billion Source: Ambient Insight, The 2016-2021 Global Game-Based Learning Market Answer . . . . . . . Stateoflearningin2020
  5. 5. What percentage of classes are expected to be delivered online by 2020? Question . . . . . . . Stateoflearningin2020
  6. 6. 50% Source: Data compiled by e-Learning platform Zeqr Answer . . . . . . . Stateoflearningin2020
  7. 7. Stateoflearning The Beat Sessions is brought to you by Beyond, a design and technology ideas company. We help ambitious companies create value with design and technology-based products and strategies, and establish the methods and mindsets that move companies forward. You can also find us in NY, SF, ATX We’ve done a lot of work in the learning space:
  8. 8. Stateoflearning ...but our city has some significant challenges if it wants to retain its status as a tech powerhouse. Source: Balderton Capital, a Europe-focused venture capital fund London is Europe’s largest tech hub
  9. 9. Get busy learning or get busy losing Britain’s skills gap has worsened by 8% over the past five years. Source: The 2016 Hays Global Skills Index Stateoflearning
  10. 10. Traditional education is losing credibility Research found many UK university degrees offered neither the technical or vocational knowledge that businesses wanted. Source: The Hays Global Skills Index survey Stateoflearning
  11. 11. Student loans last longer than the skills they buy A bachelor’s degree used to provide enough basic training to last a career. Now, the skills learned in traditional higher education institutions have an average shelf life of five years. Source: Harvard Business Review and Deloitte Stateoflearning
  12. 12. Mass customisation is driving the learning economy People are building their own syllabus. The global e-learning market is predicted to be worth £325 billion by 2025. Source: Research and Markets Industry Forecast to 2025 Stateoflearning
  13. 13. Businesses are looking for diverse talent Unemployment is now just 4.9%, the lowest in 11 years, leaving a smaller pool of workers for increasingly specialised job roles. Source: The Hays Global Skills Index Survey Stateoflearning
  14. 14. Source: LinkedIn We’re preparing for the unknown The top 10 job titles used by employees today did not even exist five years ago. Stateoflearning
  15. 15. We are in the age of augmentation Some neuroscientists believe the minds of Generation Alpha – people born in 2010 onwards – will be in some ways different to those of previous generations. They will play, learn and interact in new ways. Source: Wired Stateoflearning
  16. 16. Today, 73% of adults are considered lifelong learners For millennials, training and development is the most valuable benefit the company can offer them, above bonuses, days off, etc. Sources: Pew Research Center, Forbes + Statista Complacency is not an option Stateoflearning
  17. 17. Stateoflearning
  18. 18. Stateoflearning
  19. 19. How do we cultivate a diverse talent pool for our future creative industries? Jess Tyrrell Client Partner, ustwo Jack Llewellyn Visiting Specialist Tutor, Royal College of Art Charlie Lyons General Manager, Beyond Matt Bochenski Head of Content EMEA, Workplace by Facebook Stateoflearning
  20. 20. How do we skill up to keep up in our changing world? Melissa Andrada COO, Learnerbly Katerina Havrlant Marketing Director, Grow with Google Eshe Nelson Economics & Markets Reporter, Quartz Julien Deslangles Blanch - European Director, General Assembly Stateoflearning
  21. 21. How is technology playing with our experience of learning? Kevin Shanahan Head of Product, Memrise Alex Hunting Product Strategist, Beyond Tom Doust Director of Experience and Learning, Institute of Imagination Stateoflearning
  22. 22. Talks on the future of learning in work, play and beyond