Beyond Social Developers Garage


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On the 10th October Beyond's most stylish engagement executive and Head of Client Services went to Google Campus to present at the London Social Developer Garage.

Their mission? To showcase the Hottest Social Campaigns of the month. Fancy seeing what they picked?

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  • Beyond Social Developers Garage

    1. 1. Follow us @Beyond Like us BeyondConsultancy © Copyright 2012 Beyond. All rights reserved. Private and Confidential
    2. 2. Amongst you in themeet the crowd team Digby Killick Insight & Analytics Executive Toby Margetts Yes, his real name is Digby AKA @Dogby52 Engagement Executive Charlie Lyons Flip Flip Enthusiast Head of Client Service - AKA @TobyMargetts Digital Creative Fashion Extraordinaire AKA @ChalieLy0n5© Copyright 2012 Beyond. All rights reserved. Private and Confidential
    3. 3. TOP FIVE SMOKING HOT SOCIAL CAMPAIGNS FROM THIS MONTH:  THE BRANDS GETTING IT VERY RIGHTFollow us @Beyond © Copyright 2012 Beyond. All rights reserved. Private and Confidential
    4. 4. TopSHop Mission Statement To involve customers in the catwalk How? By creating an interactive catwalk allowing those watching online to browse, share and listen in real time to next season’s trends click here to visitFollow us @Beyond
    5. 5. Why Care? Why ➡ This has never been done before ➡ FOMO! Share? ➡ The campaign is awesome, therefore you become awesome by sharing itFollow us @Beyond
    6. 6. Chilean Environmental agency Mission Statement To change energy saving behaviour in five seconds How? By gazumping the YouTube ‘skip ad’ functionality, offering users the chance to ‘skip behaviour’ instead click here to visitFollow us @Beyond
    7. 7. Why Care? ➡ They’ve messed with YouTube Why functionality! Sweet! ➡ The kudos of breaking a habit that’s good Share? for you (and the planet!) ➡ A good ol’ fashioned sense of responsibilityFollow us @Beyond
    8. 8. Mitsubushi Mission Statement To put an end to pretentiousness How? By driving their latest 4x4 through your most pretentious friend’s face click here to visitFollow us @Beyond
    9. 9. Why Care? ➡ Opportunities to drive things through your Why friends are limited in reality ➡ The campaign empowers repressed Share? Facebookers to say what they really think about their friends in a tongue-in-cheek mannerFollow us @Beyond
    10. 10. Grey Poupon Mission Statement To be the world’s classiest condiment How? By creating an exclusive club of the elite, of those worthy of Liking the condiment. click here to visitFollow us @Beyond
    11. 11. Why Care? ➡ You’re curious about where Poupon Why Mustard see your social status (I was accepted) ➡ Share? Admit it - you’re curious about what goes on in the members area ➡ In the hope that your friends get rejected, allowing you to look down on them from your mustard scented high horseFollow us @Beyond
    12. 12. zaraguza Mission Statement To show off with their Facebook know-how How? Creating a ‘live’ feed of their office through their cover photo click here to visitFollow us @Beyond
    13. 13. Why Care? ➡ It’s a novel, interesting use of the Facebook cover Why ➡ currently as an inspirational idea amongst agencies Share? ➡ you’re hoping that they muck up and accidentally give live coverage of the office partyFollow us @Beyond
    14. 14. CONTACT usFollow us @Beyond WE’RE HIRING Like us BeyondConsultancy Charlie Lyons Toby Margetts Digby Killick @CharlieLy0n5 @TobyMargetts @Dogby52 Head of Accounts EMEA Engagement Executive Insights & Analytics Executive +44 (0)2079 086565 +44 (0)1273 475128 +44 (0)7538 817792 +44(0) 7540 686704 +44 (0)7534 718 577 +44 (0)203 170 7926 © Copyright 2012 Beyond. All rights reserved. Private and Confidential