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Cast of Lyndon Johnson Biopic


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The cast of a movie about Lyndon Johnson, if there were to be one

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Cast of Lyndon Johnson Biopic

  1. 1. Superintendent Chalmers President Lyndon Baines Johnson
  2. 2. Mary Tyler Moore Lady Bird Johnson
  3. 3. Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford Cowardly Lion
  4. 4. Troy McClure President John F. Kennedy
  5. 5. Mona Simpson Snow White First Lady Jackie Kennedy
  6. 6. Secretary of State Dean Rusk Dr. Phil
  7. 7. Waldorf President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  8. 8. Archie Andrews Attorney General Bobby Kennedy
  9. 9. President Richard Nixon Oscar the Grouch
  10. 10. Vice President Hubert Humphrey Christina Ricci