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Our school


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Our school

  1. 1. Our school, the students and our town.
  2. 2.  Our school is in Wloclawek – a town that is situated in northern Poland on the Vistula and Zglowiaczka rivers. It is one of the three largest towns in our region - Kuyavian – Pomeranian. It is home to 117, 785 people.
  3. 3.  Our beautifully hand - The Chemical painted craft. industry.The tradition. A home to theThe breath taking basketballcathedral. team.
  4. 4.  There are 727 pupils  The surface of our studying in SP 20 in school covers Wloclawek. With a 18450m2. number of 77  There are 29 classes teachers. and 32 classrooms We are a primary waiting for us every school so our day. schoolmates differ in age from 6 to 13 years olds.
  5. 5. Our Englishclassrooms.
  6. 6. We need to beup at 6.30 to be ready for themorning classes We spent We studystarting at 8.00. an average from Monday of 6 hours to Friday. daily at school. Every lesson lasts 45 minutes and the brakes are 5, 10 minutes long. Apart from the lunch brake that allows us 15 minutes for a meal.
  7. 7. Among our curriculum There are lots of you can find obligatory subjects Geography, Maths, Histor that we have to y, IT, Science, PE, Polish study. At the end of and English this school year we Language, Art and Music. are going to take the national 6th grade exam.We can develop our skills byattending variety of different interests groups. You can find something if you like writing, there is something for those interested in journalism or for the future scientists or artists.
  8. 8.  Our school is big on recycling. Every Wednesday we organize a weekly collection of magazines and any type of waste that can be recycled as made from paper. We have an energy saving policy that we try to apply when it is possible.