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Purchase Yasmin birth control pills


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Yasmin tablets are popular as an oral contraceptive pills which are used by the women all over the world. Buy Yasmin pills online & terminate the unwanted pregnancy easily.

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Purchase Yasmin birth control pills

  1. 1. This oral contraceptive procedure consists of 28 tablets to be taken once daily in the format described below:  21 – Yellow colored active pills  7 – White colored inert pills To achieve maximum assurance from pregnancy prevention, one must follow the pill guidelines given on the Yasmin pack or as per an expert recommendation. Do not miss Yasmin dose as that might reduce its effectiveness. In case of a dose miss, take the same as soon as remembered.
  2. 2.  Women who have recently delivered a baby must also not take Yasmin for birth control.  It is recommended to discuss one’s medical history with your doctor before starting with the Yasmin medication.  In case of a missed pill, also be prepared for a back- up plan (like Plan B).
  3. 3. Yasmin does not have any side-effects if taken as per the pill directions or expert recommendations. However, in case of an incorrect dose or an overdose, one may experience vaginal bleeding, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, overdose should be strictly avoided.