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Knowledge is power & prevention powerpoint 3


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Knowledge is power & prevention powerpoint 3

  1. 1. Abstinence-Only Sexual Education<br />Jo Ann Gomez<br />
  2. 2. Abstinence-Only Sexual Education<br />
  3. 3. In 2006, 87% of U.S. public and private schools taught abstinence as the most effective method to avoid pregnancy.<br />
  4. 4. Sexual Activity and Condom Use Among US Teens<br />
  5. 5. False and Misleading Facts:<br /><ul><li>HIV can be spread via sweat and tears
  6. 6. A 43-day-old fetus is a “thinking person”
  7. 7. The use of condoms as a contraceptive has </li></ul>a failure rate of about 15%<br /><ul><li>Touching another person’s genitals </li></ul>can result in pregnancy<br />
  8. 8. Since 1996, over $1.5 billion have been spent towards abstinence-only programs.<br />
  9. 9. What can be done to help solve this problem?<br />Support advocates for more comprehensive sex Ed.<br />
  10. 10. Parents should talk to theirs <br />teens about sex<br />Teens can share accurate information about sex with each other<br />Doctors can talk to teens <br />about sex<br />
  11. 11. Knowledge is Power <br />&Prevention!<br />